Incident Summary Dashboards

Collaborate while troubleshooting with an Incident Summary Dashboard for every incident.


  • Intent-Powered: Leverage your library of no-code Network Intents to populate your dashboard with timely assessments.
  • Troubleshooting History: View all past diagnosis performed by event-triggered automation or support personnel.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share role-based dashboards with internal teams or clients to better facilitate cooperation and collaboration.
  • Visual Analysis: Identify problem areas of your network quickly with color-coded assessment results.
  • Detailed Results: Drill down on any assessment from the to investigate further and generate live maps of an incident.
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Continuous Assessment Dashboards

Prevent the next outage with with dashboards that provide actionable insights at a glance.


  • Continuous Insights: Summarize the assessment results of hundreds of network-wide, no-code Intent automations from your library on one screen.
  • Comprehensive Results: Obtain visual confirmation of network connectivity, performance, security, and status.
  • Anti-Drift Protection: Continually assess for configuration, performance, and design drift to enforce your best practices and prevent avoidable outages.
  • Customizable Visuals: Easily create custom summary dashboards without any need for coding that best suit your needs.
  • Role-Based Sharing: Share or export dashboards with leadership, other engineers, the NOC, or service desk to promote informed decision-making.

Change Summary Dashboard

Understand the impact of network changes with Triple Defense automations that provide a clear view of change impacts across all your sites.


  • Before Change: Asses to uncover hidden problems in your network and avoid false correlations with your proposed change.
  • During Change: Automatically validate your executed change and discover the potential impacts on your critical applications, “golden” configurations, rules, and policies.
  • After Change: Continuously ensure your new designs are upheld and install the new automations created to assess the change to your Automation Library for use before future change windows.
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