Delivering reliable connected care, e-prescribing, practice management support, clinical decision support, imaging, and physician order entry systems requires smarter IT networks that can scale as fast as healthcare technology moves. Responsive IT networks are constantly growing and changing and depend more on automation to keep them healthy.

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Harness and Scale Existing Network Expertise

Capture all of the healthcare requirements without code as tens of thousands of overlapping needs that can be programmatically executed with network automation at scale across hospitals, clinics, and labs.

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Capture Knowledge as Automation

Record troubleshooting and network design as automation to empower all levels of NetOps to leverage a pre-built intent-automation library.

Replicate Automation at Scale

Expand network automation across the entire healthcare network with similar diagnosis logic using cloning and template technology.

Diagnose Traffic Path Conditions

Pinpoint EMR path problems at Layer 2 and beyond and proactively check network real-time performance against baseline configurations to respond faster.

Enforce Network Security and Compliance Automatically

Proactively schedule automated network health checks to manage patient care application performance and detect path condition changes. An early warning detection system alerts network teams to potential issues in ample time to prevent problems from creating operational barriers.

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Assure Compliance

Proactively run security and compliance checks (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc.) to ensure adherence to original network requirements and designs.

Get Ahead of Audits

View and export dynamic maps and network documentation anytime and take the surprise out of audits.

Validate Requirements

Deep understanding and continuous verification of the hybrid network guarantees accuracy, security, and HIPAA compliance.

Stop Attack Spread

Locate network devices quickly in case of an alert from a SIEM tool about a potential breach to harden the network and prevent further infiltration.

Make Successful Network Changes

Network change doesn’t have to disrupt patient care. Before and after benchmarking and verification and rollbacks prevent unintended consequences of change to improve the quality of care.

Network Change Management

Protect Existing Configurations

Ensure future changes don’t accidentally replace existing healthcare network configurations.

Prevent Change Overwrites

Prevent successful changes from undermining other services by validating network topology, state, and performance.

Avoid Unforeseen Consequences

Quickly rollback to any previous state to revert network changes and mitigate downtime.