The oil and gas industry thrives on efficient operations and strict compliance. As IT and Operational Technology (OT) converge, managing complex infrastructure with diverse assets like meters, PLCs, and remote rigs presents unique challenges.

NetBrain’s innovative no-code network automation and observability platform empowers you to overcome these challenges and transform your IT/OT operations.

Bridge the IT/OT Divide

Gain seamless connectivity, enhanced visibility, and collaborative troubleshooting across your hybrid network.

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Complete Network Visibility

Network-wide remote site visibility into processes, problems, and workflows with interactive dashboards that support the business and its applications. Topology and path mapping capabilities help visualize connectivity aiding troubleshooting efforts.

Ensure Compliance

Automated compliance assessments ensure robust network security adherence to industry standards including NIST, mitigate risks, and enforce regulatory compliance through streamlined audit preparation.

Keep Asset Inventory Up to Date

Keep updated asset inventory lists without manual spreadsheets that pose a risk of errors, are time-consuming, and lack management and scalability functions.

Eliminate the Risk of Downtime

Replace tight change windows with limited predictability in favor of protected change management with intent-based automation. Use automation to verify network changes don’t overwrite other working network services.

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Minimize Configuration Drift

Validate network Intents when making changes to improve the change success rate and reduce the error rate.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor rig operations using cameras connected by switches without the need to physically send someone.

Continuously Assess Network State

Ensure the state of their network aligns with the needs of the business with automated network assessments.

Identify and Track Vulnerabilities

Continuously assess your live network against intended behaviors to identify security and compliance risks before they impact your business. Reduce the risk of missing firmware updates and replace aging OT equipment before the end of life to prevent problems.

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Enforce Security Policies

Automate continuous security policy and zone enforcement by validating network intents against baseline security policies.

Automate Compliance

Maintain compliance with NIST standards, network configuration, security design standards, and regulations.

Quickly Identify Cybersecurity Threats

Locate network devices quickly in case of alert from a SIEM tool about a potential breach so you can harden the network and prevent further infiltration.