Continuous Network Assessments

To proactively enforce our network design & policies, we must continuously assess the network for compliance. In this tour, we use Intents to capture network assessment logic, replicate them across the network, and continuously monitor them with Intent Dashboards and alert notification.


Application Path Performance

We need a simpler way to maintain optimal application performance on the network! In this tour, we will baseline a healthy network path, then use Intents (including ping, traceroute & interface errors) to automatically diagnose a slow application.


Automated Diagnosis

NetOps teams must reduce overhead when managing tickets at scale. In this tour, Intents are leveraged to automate troubleshooting of an issue the moment it is detected. NetBrain provides diagnostic results and root cause before an engineer even gets involved.


Prevent Network Outages

Preventive automation averts outages & disruptions by detecting potential problems before impacting the business. In this guided tour, we monitor the network design Intents such as prefix lists, BGP, & OSPF for unintended drift which may lead to future outages.


Protected Network Change Management

By leveraging Intents, teams confidently execute network configuration changes without unplanned side effects to business services. In this guided tour, we verify a change has been executed as expected, all application connectivity is preserved, & the network design Intent has not been violated.


Enforcing Network Security

When it comes to network security, policy Intent enforcement is everything. In this guided tour, we verify remote access to network devices at our Beijing site is secure to prevent information disclosure & unauthorized access.