More than half of all network outages and service degradations are due to human error, the unintended consequences of misconfiguration, or not taking into account previous applications and their unique needs when deploying new applications. Understanding that the network must directly support the performance of all of its applications, NetBrain Next-Gen describes the network as a set of contextual behaviors, called Network Intents, that govern the delivery of network services. Through comprehensive enforcement of Network Intents, NetBrain maintains the network in a manner that directly supports the business and its litany of applications, across the hybrid network.


An advanced no-code engine subject matter expertise for any type of problem across any vendor with no-code so it can be shared and re-used by others across the organization.


Resolve hundreds or thousands of similar problems with a single diagnostic or remedial effort. Capture once and replicate a to a thousand ‘similar’ devices.


Continuously verify network intents as defined by applications and services which run on the network automatically. Apply automation devices for similar network environments.

Outage Prevention

Resolving network incidents is the focus of most network operations solutions today, but the most effective operational strategy is to prevent network issues from occurring in the first place. Prevention has been the most sought-after solution, which until NetBrain’s intent-based automation solution, has not been possible.

Prevent Network Outages >

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Reducing Costs

Preventing outages is far less expensive than responding to them. When critical outages occur, significant premiums are incurred to restore business operations against the clock.

Leveraging Intents

Network Intent verifications run continuously to detect problems before they impact production. This checks human error and unintended consequences.

Service Delivery

Ensuring that the network directly supports each business-critical application and service is easily accomplished by enforcing Network Intents.

Design Compliance

Actively enforce design compliance by continuous evaluation of the extensive list of network intents as defined by the applications and services which are running upon the network. By taking your enterprise and network architects’ designs, organizational standards, and security policies and then enforcing them, NetBrain prevents outages that would otherwise occur due to human error, configuration drift, or the unintended consequences of change. Maintaining network designs through a comprehensive set of network intents reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction and reputation.

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Configuration Drift

Enable continuous compliance verification to detect unplanned and undocumented configuration drift.

Design Intent

NetBrain’s Preventive Automation Dashboard shows when network intents have been violated, and which devices and paths may be involved.

Service Issues

By proactively maintaining the intended design goals, the number of network problem reports submitted to the service desk is greatly reduced

Early Warning Detection

Translate any hybrid network as a series of applications and network designs to automate preventive automation based upon deviations from intended outcomes. A Preventive Automation Framework provides intelligent and proactive network monitoring and automatic health checks of your entire network.

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Probe for Anomalies

Create virtual probes via SNMP/CLI parser variable or triggered directly from external SIEM systems for monitoring and identifying potential network problems.

Results At-a-Glance

A unified Preventive Automation Dashboard shows the alerts by the virtual probe and/or by the intents that are being impacted.

Proactive Scheduling

The Intent Timer runs intents at certain pre-defined intervals against established baselines across the entire hybrid infrastructure, edge to cloud.