NetBrain Next-Gen also offers Intent-based network assessment, which provides the context of how your network is delivering services, including performance and security. And we’ve added universal access to our automation engine, which can be accessed via your service desk (such as ServiceNow), enterprise chat interfaces (like MS-Teams) or even simple email threads.

With NetBrain Next-Gen, your NetOps function will be more effective, more accountable, more efficient, and more scalable. It’s yours for asking!

Two Ways to Upgrade


Let NetBrain Complete the Upgrade For You

If you would like our NetBrain Professional Services team to complete your upgrade, we would be more than happy to discuss our upgrade offerings with you.

Contact Sales

Current users with active maintenance contracts or subscriptions need only pay for professional services. Not only can our Professional Services team perform the upgrade for you, but we will help ensure your upgraded NetBrain Release 11 platform is running at its fullest with specific attention to:

  • The NetBrain “Digital Twin” of your network is complete, and the data is accurate with proactive platform validation activities and resolutions of any device or domain issues.
  • NetBrain path calculation accuracy: Validate the critical application paths in your network, and ensure baselines exist and are recorded.
  • Troubleshoot faster (from hours to minutes): Get you started with NetBrain’s Runbook, Guidebook, and Intent-Based Automation for your most common tasks.
  • NetBrain Essentials Training: Online live instructor-led training experience to show your problem solvers how to create their own content to troubleshoot critical layer-2 and layer-3 issues faster.

Connect with our Sales Team in the Customer Success Center or complete the form on this page so that we may put you in touch with your NetBrain Account Executive for information and services pricing.


Self-Service Upgrade

If you’d like to complete the upgrade to NetBrain Release 11 on your own without the support of our Professional Services team using our self-service guides, follow these critical steps to a successful self-upgrade:

  • Sign up using the form to be placed on our exclusive self-upgrade customer list. Our Upgrade Team will provide a new NetBrain Release 11 activation within the “My Company” page for your organization within 5-10 business days.
  • Download the NetBrain Release 11 software and documentation in the follow-up response from the Upgrade Team.
  • Review the System Specification Guide and validate that your NetBrain environment meets the documented requirements and remediate any issues prior to attempting an upgrade.
  • Review the System Upgrade Guide applicable to your current NetBrain version and confirm any additional steps or packages required for your environment (Linux OS upgrade, Linux 3rd party dependency package, etc.).
  • Confirm the availability of all usernames and passwords as required by the System Upgrade Guide.
  • Confirm that you have root access (Linux) and Administrator access (Windows) to your virtual machines to successfully execute the upgrade.
  • Temporarily disable any Virus scanner that may be running on your Linux and Windows machines prior to upgrade.
  • Ensure that valid SSL certificates are available and in hand, if applicable.

If you have any questions or problems performing this upgrade, connect with our Technical Support Team using our Customer Success Center with a detailed description of the issue you are having with your availability over the next 3 business days for a troubleshooting session.


Self-Service Post-Upgrade Activities

Once your self-service upgrade to NetBrain Release 11 is complete, consult our product documentation to ensure your domain is healthy and provides accurate maps and paths.

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We’re Here to Help

Technical Support

NetBrain Technical Support is always available if you encounter issues during your NetBrain Release 11 self-upgrade or post-upgrade activities.  If you have questions or run into any issues, please connect with our Technical Support Team using our Customer Success Center.

NetBrain Customer Success Center

Be sure to visit the NetBrain Customer Success Center that provides our customers access to create and manage support cases, active and historical project tracking, securely update your NetBrain platform software, connect to the NetBrain University (NBU) learning hub, and explore our very own NetBrain Knowledge Base where you can find answers the most commonly asked and answered questions of our post-sales organization.