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NetBrain Integrated Edition is continually updated to include exciting new features, improved device compatibility, powerful automation functionality, and much more. Make sure your NetBrain Integrated Edition platform is up-to-date and see for yourself how NetBrain is pushing boundaries and transforming Network Automation.

All NetBrain customers with an active maintenance plan are entitled to the following as outlined in your Master Services Agreement for each new software release:

  • Latest NetBrain Integrated Edition software release package
  • Upgrade Documentation
  • Product Documentation
  • Release Notes

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Assisted Upgrade

Need assistance completing your NetBrain Integrated Edition software upgrade? Our Professional Services team is can assist you with your upgrade, at an additional cost, as part of our Jumpstart Service Offering. This service offering will allow us to own the responsibility of getting your NetBrain platform to the latest software version, perform any post-upgrade tuning, and enable your team of problem solvers to use NetBrain to accelerate their Automation initiatives!

Current Releases

To help you get started, we’ve posted our most recent NetBrain Integrated Edition releases. These release notes will help outline the new features and functionality included in each release. When an upgrade is requested, NetBrain will provide the latest release documented below.



Still not sure? Our NetBrain Upgrade Team is ready and available to answer any questions you may have regarding your maintenance contract, upgrade path, and Professional Services assistance.  Please contact them at [email protected]