Auto-discover hundreds of thousands of multi-vendor devices, thousands of WAN links, every A-B path, and your unlimited network design rules provide deep contextual understanding and visibility of service delivery across your entire hybrid-cloud network. This is the foundation needed for no-code network automation taking you beyond device and topology-level discovery with real-time forwarding and diagnostic logic.

Live Multi-Layer Network Digital Twin

NetBrain’s multi-layer live digital twin of the end-to-end hybrid network automatically discovers detailed device, topology, flow data, and layers intent diagnostics on top. This real-time context enables the full range of no-code network automation capabilities to ensure your hybrid infrastructure continues to deliver its architectural design intentions.

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Intent Layer

This unique layer of the model understands business requirements and captures network design rules and behaviors and translates them into network intents, which drives no-code automation.

Decode Network Design

The automation decode engine transforms raw network data into baseline network designs for use as reusable automation.

Diagnosis Logic

Run diagnosis checks for configuration, and network state to see any changes right on a comprehensive network map.

Flow Layer

Gain complete visibility into any multi-vendor, hybrid-cloud traffic paths including their routing and forwarding tables with comprehensive control plane modeling.

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Discover Hybrid-Cloud Application Paths

Auto-discover application paths from the edge to the cloud, including everything in between, SDN (ACI and NSX) and SD-WAN networks in a hybrid-cloud network and across multi-cloud environments for unparalleled visibility.

Compare with Baselines

Compare any live application path to a “golden path” or healthy path and run intents automatically to discover deviations.

Device and Topology Layers

Get real-time device-level (i.e., configuration, memory, and CPU utilization) and topology-level detail of how multi-vendor devices are connected (including data-center, software-defined, and cloud-based).

Network Auto-Discovery at Scale

Using a combination of automated SNMP, SSH/CLI, and API access and patented neighbor discovery algorithms, NetBrain understands the largest environments, from public cloud to remote edge, at scale.

Multi-Vendor, Hybrid-Cloud

Collect deep data for every network device from any vendor and hybrid cloud as the foundation for no-code automation and inventory visibility.

Overlay and Underlay

Discover how everything at Layers 2 and 3 is connected from an underlay and overlay (i.e., VPN and SD-WAN) perspective.

Data Views

Get unlimited device and state data overlayed on the map (e.g., telnet enabled, interface errors, bandwidth, etc.).


Customize a comprehensive inventory report of data in your network, including device data, module data, interface data, site data, and more. Export and share reports with anyone.

Intent-Based Network Assessment

3rd-Party Integrations

Integrate with your existing ITSM, NPM, SIEM, and ITOM tools in a unified view to achieve end-to-end network management and dynamic maps enriched with contextual data.

Inventory Reports

Leverage built-in reports as templates that you can then export into Microsoft-compatible formats at any time, or customize your own reports.


Leverage pre-configured dashboards and create custom dashboards for the ability to quickly get results of all network intents for precision network monitoring.

“Allows vast amounts of external context to be stored inside its digital twin, empowering every operator to have a 360-degree view of every issue and take the most informed actions possible.”

Lewis Hardy, Sr. Manager
BT Data Services

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