While discrete network devices connect to each other at the physical layer to provide connectivity point-to-point, it’s their ability to support the network design intents (which span many devices) that actually delivers the required business outcomes. The traditional model of managing any network device by device and with the assurance that each device is doing its part in a much more complicated service delivery model, does not scale as business applications grow. Without intelligent, intent-based networking automation for network configuration, IT lacks the ability to ensure all of its devices are working together to deliver the performance needed for each business service.

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs) is built upon our patented intent-based network automation approach that understands every detail of any hybrid network architecture from edge to cloud, based upon the existence of hundreds or thousands of designs intents. With NetBrain’s intent-based networking system, management of the network is done through the application of new or updated design intents, dramatically simplifying the management process. Additionally, the PDA System can be tasked with the enforcement of design-intent policies to confirm these exist, preventing potential problems from impacting the business.

Manage Through Intents

NetBrain PDAs continuously monitor network behavior and performance in the background and send alerts and create tickets when anomalies are found. Easily deploy automation to quickly detect configuration drift, performance degradation, compliance issues, and other conflicts, identifying service delivery problems before they impact the business.

Enforce Network Intents

With Intent-Based Network Automation, NetBrain proactively tests and verifies all network intentions to ensure your network infrastructure is continuously delivering on its design intents. By ensuring that your network is catching problems before they impact your business, you get higher IT service delivery performance with fewer disruptions and service degradations, dramatically reducing your overhead and MTTR.

Replicate Network Intents

With NetBrain’s intent-based application services, a Network Intent Cluster scales and replicates network intents from a single problem to all similar problems in the entire network. By parameterizing a network design for one site to all sites, you ensure they’re operating within the intents. Users have complete control over their systems and quickly create, edit and review automated operational flows for every monitored device from the Preventive Automation dashboard.

No Code Needed

NetBrain PDAs no-code technology enables operational teams to easily describe and automate the management of their entire network by focusing on network design intents rather than device-levels tasks.  No-Code becomes an important enabler to allow operators with a wide range of skills to participate in every aspect of maintaining the network. No-Code also allows users to  create remediation diagnostics and continuous enforcement rules of any complexity. And once created, automation units can be stored in the NetBrain Automation Library and shared with others across the organization.

Proactively Assuring Network Performance

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