Assess Your Entire Network Continuously

Conduct continuous network assessments of your end-to-end network for design, performance, security, and operational status by testing network intents against pre-determined network baseline metrics.

Assess the Entire Network After an Outage

After your network experienced an outage and it has been repaired, find out if the problem exists elsewhere in your network. Run continuous, network-wide assessments to detect hidden problems and prevent future outages. Visualize all assessments on a dashboard to easily spot issues.

Schedule Automation to Run at Pre-defined Intervals

The Intent Timer lets you schedule automation at a desired frequency for specific devices across your entire network.

Conduct Continuous Network Assessments

Conduct Network Assessments in hours at scale continuously with the no-code automation platform and proactively examine network design, performance, security, and operational status to generate actionable insights.

Pre-Built Assessment Library

Leverage the extensive Intent-Based Network Assessment (IBNA) Library with 290+ out-of-the-box checks to regularly assess your entire network and automate troubleshooting.


Generate alerts, get advanced warnings, and send ticket data to 3rd-party systems leveraging webhooks for closed-loop automation.

Automated Intent Dashboards

At a glance, monitor the operational state for specific technology or key use cases, view stability and performance in real-time, and generate operational alerts.

Continuously Maintain Compliance

Every company has network design standards that must be kept in compliance with the original design. Not to mention, the thousands of industry regulations and best practices, vendor recommendations, and zero-trust strategies that must be implemented for audits and problem prevention.


  • Assess Design and Regulatory Compliance
    Easily adhere to and comply with industry best practices, vendor recommendations, zero-trust strategies, and regulatory standards like NIST 800-207.
  • Visualize and Enforce Device Compliance
    Create dashboards (to see the intents, devices, and alerts) and export CSV files. Visualize the number of devices that are out of compliance with our NIST recommendations and other assessments for vendor hardening.
  • Locate Security Weaknesses
    Identify security vulnerabilities in the network including device access and configuration drift in security zones, support for security vulnerability, and check firewall policy configurations.

Detect Configuration Drift

Company standards dictate your network devices should all have the minimum default config, a golden template consisting of ACLs, QoS settings, etc. Check if there are any devices that deviate from the standard. Conduct continuous, network-wide assessments to detect configuration drift and prevent a future outage. Export reports of devices with incorrect syntax, missing or extra lines. Perform golden configurations with templates of your unique network settings at your fingertips.

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Assess Network and Application Performance and Operational Status

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Defend the network proactively from hidden vulnerabilities and bottlenecks.

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Get actionable insights from unlimited network intent checks.

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Check against vendor vulnerabilities and industry best practices including end-of-support/life dates and vendor recommendations.

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Proactively mitigate configuration drift to prevent future issues, problems, and outages.

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Leverage a library of pre-built automation for the most common operating conditions enterprises must preserve.

Detect Network Problems Before They Become Outages

Real-time assessment to identify and diagnose design and performance deviations, preventing potential problems.

Automatically Check When Network Objectives are Violated

  • Scheduled or event-based virtual Probes enable network intents to detect anomalies and alert you to first-occurrence and transient problems.
  • Alerts triggered by third-party systems can automatically trigger NetBrain to run intents and provide root-cause diagnoses.
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Summarize Results with Intent Dashboards

  • Create Intent Dashboards to summarize monitoring link failover and configuration drift reports.
  • View probe execution and intent trigger results from the PA Dashboard or Report and Dashboard.
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“Being able to get 98% compliance is impressive. We’ve been able to do that leveraging automation and by giving (employees) some time back using these automated processes.”

Joe DiCola, Network Architect
City and County of Denver

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