NetBrain transforms the knowledge and experience of your subject matter experts. By capturing best practices and turning them into executable automation units, NetBrain PDAS provides any network operator and support staff access to that knowledge over and over again for any similar task. Solve a problem once, and then re-use that experience to help solve all similar problems through intelligent Runbook automation.

Guidebooks put Runbooks and Intents into a scenario-driven decision tree reducing the amount of time and resources spent on mundane remediation tasks and allowing you to focus on the high-skilled and higher-valued parts of the problem resolution process. NetBrain brings all the needed resources together in real-time for faster problem-solving.

Leverage Expert Knowledge

Create Executable Runbooks that capture your subject matter experts’ knowledge and allow it to be leveraged across the organization through NetBrain’s automation library. And with these stored units, you can automate operational processes and procedures at the speed of the machine and with a level of accuracy and consistency previously unimaginable for a business.

Network Automation

Grow Your Knowledge Base

NetBrain technology enables anyone to contribute to IT service delivery performance goals. Using NetBrain PDAs, users with deep subject expertise can add to their organization’s automation library without writing code. Eliminate bottlenecks due to lack of specific skill sets and delays when trying to find a subject matter expert. Everyone can leverage the expertise of your most skilled engineers through Runbook automation, anytime.

Execution at Scale

NetBrain PDAS enables operators and engineers to rapidly execute intent-based diagnostics and verifications across the entire network with the touch of a button. NetBrain PDAs delivers operational scale without the need for more operators. And since the NetBrain system groups problems that are similar in nature, user can apply the learnings and experience of previous operators to solve their current network issues. The NetBrain PDA System enables repeatable and adaptable diagnostic digital Runbook automation for faster and more consistent outcomes.

Context is Everything

Unlike the more traditional script or list of static commands in use throughout the NetOps function, NetBrain’s executable runbook and guidebook technologies are driven by live, historical, and third-party data allowing more efficient problem-solving. With all of this information available at the operator’s fingertips, more informed decisions are made, and incident resolution times are dramatically reduced.

Collaboration Through Knowledge

Today, all operational teams can troubleshoot hybrid infrastructures together in a collaborative fashion, and in real-time leveraging operational Runbooks and guidebooks technology from the Automation Library. Working together with a shared view of the network, it’s easy to see who is doing what when (and what was the result of the work). NetBrain PDAs eliminate finger-pointing by bringing the entire virtual team together at the same time.

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