NetBrain captures the knowledge and experience of your subject matter experts without coding! It turns best practices into executable automation providing support staff and network operators access to this expertise when the experts aren’t available. Solve problems once and re-use that knowlege to solve similar incidents with intent-based Runbook automation.

People-Driven Automation

Create executable automation that captures your subject matter experts’ knowledge in Runbooks and makes it available across the organization in NetBrain’s Intent-Based Automation Center. NetBrain brings all the needed resources together in real-time for faster problem-solving.

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Dynamic Playbooks

Guidebooks replace static playbooks with scenario-driven decision trees to reduce time spent on remediation tasks.

Reduce Escalations

Eliminate delays in tracking down specific skills sets. Senior-level expertise is available to anyone, anytime from the Intent-Based Automation Center.

No-Code Automation

Record and store skilled engineers diagnostic steps without writing code.

Speed Problem Diagnosis

Troubleshoot hybrid infrastructures across IT teams in real-time by leveraging operational Runbooks as part of the Intent-Based Automation Center. Working together with shared information available at operators’ fingertips, more informed decisions are made, and incident resolution times are dramatically reduced.

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Share Knowledge

With a URL, anyone, even external users, can open a map and access the Runbooks and Guidebooks.

Powered by Contextual Data

Unlike traditional scripts or static commands, NetBrain’s executable Runbook technology is driven by live, historical, and third-party data.

Support Application Performance

Leverage automation to correlate Network Intent with network functions to drive business outcomes.

Scale Problem Diagnosis

Rapidly execute intent-based diagnostic automation across the entire network with the touch of a button. Deliver operational scale without the need for more manpower.

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Eliminate Human Error

Run repeatable and adaptable Runbook automation for faster diagnosis and more consistent outcomes.

Intuitive Structure

Group automations by issues similar in nature to quickly correlate symptoms and identify remediation across the hybrid network.

Leverage Subject Matter Expertise

Apply the learnings and experience of previous engineers as automation to solve similar network issues to mature the organization over time.

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