Executable Runbook

Automation For Everyone

Executable Runbooks enable you to capture subject-matter expertise and best practice operational procedures and turn that knowledge into executable no-code automation. Executable Runbooks pull together the data, knowledge, and pre-built automation from NetBrain and third-party ecosystem tools needed to construct a network operations process that anyone on your IT team can carry out. Whether you address a ticket or task with triggered, interactive, or proactive automation, NetBrain’s Executable Runbooks enable you to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on the mundane portions of remediation and allow you to focus on the high-skilled and higher valued parts of problem resolution. NetBrain facilitates collaborative remediation so that all of the needed resources come together in real-time for faster problem-solving.

Leverage Expert Knowledge

Your subject matter experts have a tremendous amount of experience and situational expertise regarding the operations of your infrastructure. In NetBrain, you can create Executable Runbooks to mimic their knowledge, allowing it to be leveraged across the organization and across the planet. By relying on the SME knowledge which has been transformed into Executable Runbooks, you can execute operational processes and procedures at the speed of the machine, and with a level of accuracy and consistency previously unimaginable.

01 Codify Expert Know-How

Grow Your Knowledge Library

NetBrain Automation enables any employee to contribute to corporate IT service delivery performance goals. Using NetBrain’s No-Code technology, employees with deep subject expertise can add to your organization’s knowledge library without the need to write code. And since every Executable Runbook is completely sharable across your organization, the library of problem-solving solutions grows over time. No longer do the specific skill sets of individual operators become the bottleneck, nor do the delays associated with finding an SME impact the business. Everyone on the team can leverage the expertise of your most skilled engineers.

02 NetBrain Network Shareable Knowledge

Execution at Scale

As companies have grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions, the scope of their digital infrastructures has become overwhelming to most traditional operational processes. NetBrain enables operators and engineers to rapidly execute knowledge-based diagnostics and verifications for all potential issues, across the entire network and with the touch of a button. NetBrain allows operational scale without the typical need for more operators in more locations. And the use of captured knowledge enables repeatable and adaptable diagnostic automation for faster and more consistent outcomes.

Execute Across Hundreds of Devices in Seconds

Informed Automation

Unlike the more traditional static list of commands in a manual network operations script or playbook, NetBrain’s dynamic Executable Runbook is driven by live data, historical data and third-party data to allow complex problem solving to be considered and executed automatically. The dynamic nature of NetBrain’s Executable Runbook provides teams with the needed visibility, context, and ability to know “is this expected” to dramatically speed time to root cause isolation and speed up time to resolution.

03 A Time Machine of Your Network

Quicker Remediation through Collaboration

Today, troubleshooting hybrid infrastructures can be performed in a collaborative fashion, and in real-time. Subject matter experts from DevOps, SecOps, NetOps and all of the involved platform engineering teams can work through issues collaboratively, streamlining the resolution and shortening the duration of the incident. Teams work together with a shared view of the network, to see who is doing what when (and what was the result). NetBrain enables you to eliminate finger-pointing by bringing the entire virtual team together at the same time.

04 IT Collaboration