Automate problem avoidance with a single platform that constantly assesses the Intent of the network for vulnerabilities, performance degradation, and non-compliance. Prevention, the holy grail of network operations, won’t leave your network vulnerable to outages.

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Configuration Drift

Ensure configuration changes don't violate prior designs that are in place.

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Failover Failure

Preserve your investment in your network redundancy setup.

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Network Attacks

Defend the network against attacks by verifying and enforcing network security configurations.

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Performance Degradation

Catch and act on application issues before they impact users.

Avoid Downtime with Proactive Automation

As your network incidents surface repeatedly it’s time to break the cycle by detecting problems before they harm your business. By taking your network architects’ designs, organizational standards, and security policies and enforcing them as Network Intents, we help you comply with performance metrics, avoid configuration drift, and prevent issues before they become costly problems.

View and Understand the Entire Network

Dynamically map and document every site, device, and path in your hybrid network (SDN, cloud, data center) and quickly assess vulnerabilities and weak points with the power of Network Intent.

Eliminate Configuration Errors

Continuously audit the network for misconfigurations to maintain compliance with Preventive Automation. Automatically receive alerts and trigger service tickets when violations are detected.

Assure Application Performance

Automatically verify the conditions that matter most to your business: applications & services. Guarantee the performance and availability of every service.

Shift to Protected Change Management

Basic change management processes look at the before and after of only the change itself. They don’t take into account how the change could impact the rest of the applications your network supports. Avoid impacting production systems with smarter, intent-based change management automation.

Improve Change Success

Planning and validating the Network Intents for every configuration change reduces the need for post-change troubleshooting and ensures more successful change outcomes.

Protect the Integrity of the Network

Existing Intents let you quickly validate your change did not adversely affect any other part of the network.

Remediate any Unexpected Results

If a change goes wrong, quickly roll back to any previous state to prevent outages and downtime.

Assure Network and Security Compliance Automatically

Capture Network Intents—configuration, policy, and performance baselines—and automatically monitor any deviations and get alerts to potential vulnerabilities before they become service disruptions.

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Capture Knowledge as Automation

Record design and policy standards as Intents directly into NetBrain to imbue the system with expert knowledge.

Automate Design Compliance

Automate the auditing of design standards and protect against drift and performance degradation.

Proactively Remedy Vulnerabilities

Automated alerts and trouble tickets with suggested actions allow for quick remediation when violations occur.

Reduce Incident Volume and Workload

Significantly cut time spent on trouble tickets, free up your resources to support the business, and improve the cost efficiency of your network operations.

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Reduce Ticket Volume

Slash ticket volume in half by automating the proactive assessment of Intents across the entire network.

Replicate No-Code Intent Automatically

Define the Intents for your whole network at scale by replicating Network Intent Templates.

Plan Intelligently

Expand your network confidently with full hybrid network visibility and automated incident prevention as the network grows over time.

Neutralize Potential Problems

When detecting issues in a performance like increased latency, packet drops, or inefficient routing, either by users or by Preventive Automation, use Triggered Automation to quickly diagnose any issue and recommend a course of action before the incident becomes a customer-impacting outage.

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Automate Initial Diagnostics

Accelerate 95% of all problem diagnosis work by automating repetitive troubleshooting tasks.

Accelerate the Resolution

Uncover root causes faster to resolve issues sooner and lower MTTR.

Capture Lessons Learned

Easily prevent repetitive incidents by learning from past incidents and applying automation checks.