Network Outage Prevention

Network intents describe the entire network by its ability to deliver connectivity, performance and security profiles. By automating the verification of network intents at scale, problems will be corrected before they affect mainstream production IT services.

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Assure Design Compliance

Automatically verify the design and security compliance to proactively prevent service interruptions.

Validate Security Profiles

Proactively verify the security borders, access controls, and policies are in effect.

Detect Configuration Drift

Ensure the configuration of the network and its components and business services remain as intended.

Automated Diagnosis

Network troubleshooting with context provides the most effective resolution with a level of consistency. Network engineers can draw upon the knowledge and experience of their peers to address the vast majority of problems, without the need for escalations.

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Informed Troubleshooting

NetBrain creates a comprehensive model of the network, which guides remediation and allows SME expertise to be leveraged.

Self-service On-Demand

NetBrain allows users to interact with its knowledge and automation engine through external workflows which include service desks, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, and email from anywhere.

ITSM Integration

API integration with any ITSM tool, like ServiceNow, enables the capture of any issue at the time of occurrence and begins troubleshooting and diagnostic steps including mapping as well as identifying intents-based automation all through a ticket-based workflow.

Protected Change Management

Change management must not just execute the changes requested, it should assess the ability of the network to deliver outcomes in its pre-change state, execute the requested changes, and then assess the impact to the network once the change has been made. NetBrain uses intents to execute change, before during and after to assure business continuity.

Network Change Management

Evaluate Current State

Any change planned must be made upon a known working environment. NetBrain confirms the status of all of its intents before any change has been made.

Execute Change

Changes must be made to one or more devices consistently. By establishing the desired configuration, devices are reconfigured and then verified for success.

Confirm Desired Results

By using the defined network intents that are present, changes made to any devices can be tested to determine the impact of those changes on existing services


Service Delivery Assurance

Applications and their associated services have various requirements of the network, which must be available regardless of other applications being deployed now or in the past or future.

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Capture Service Qualities

Manage the network by a set of intents assigned to the qualities for every service to define not only availability but topology, state, condition, and performance qualities of every service. NetBrain captures, verifies, and enforces the set of intents that are required by each application.

Maintain Critical Application Behaviors

Continuously verify a whole range of qualitative conditions for all services including QoS-dependent applications such as video-streaming and collaboration to ensure the state and conditions are ideal and keeps a history of all events.

Compare Against Golden Path

NetBrain intelligently calculates each application path as the “Golden Path”—the optimal and preferred traffic path. It reports and alerts you in case of any deviations from the Golden Path so operators can quickly remediate.


Intent-Based Assessment

Evaluates the network based on its ability to support the required business services. Each business service has specific networking requirements for proper operation. NetBrain captures all of these at scale to establish the known good working model of the network in terms of required outcomes.

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Assess Connectivity

Describes the network in terms of available connectivity in both directions, forwards and backward for every application and service to ensure they remain intact.

Assess Performance

Leverage intents to capture and monitor expected network performance characteristics, such as throughput, jitter, and latency as intents to prevent downtime.

Assess Security

Monitor conditions that protect the network and data via intents that include security and control requirements, policies, and rules to ensure compliance.

Hybrid Cloud Visibility

From your edge to the public cloud, NetBrain has you covered with complete visibility. No more blind spots to deal with. Now, make well-informed decisions and troubleshoot across data centers, SDN, SD-WAN architectures, and public clouds.

Multi-Cloud Ready

Support for hybrid, multi-cloud architectures including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud with detailed real-time understanding.

Map the Live Network

Keep up-to-date documentation and map and troubleshoot any site, device, and path including contextual characteristics as intents to give you the deep knowledge needed to manage any situation.

Multi-Vendor Flexibility

Understand any underlying architecture including SDN, SD-WAN, and overlay 3rd-party observability and SIEM data in a single pane of glass and generate a real-time digital twin of your exact network.

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