Intent-Based Network Assessment (IBNA) Library is a continuously expanding library of more than 290 pre-built network automation that assesses most network vulnerabilities and bottlenecks seen throughout enterprises and MSPs – ready to use right out of the box! The IBNA Library provides instant value to any environment by eliminating the need to hire external engineers to statically assess networks.

Instant Automation

The downloadable IBNA Library supports two main use cases:

  1. Continuous network assessments – assess your entire network, every device make and model, traffic path, configuration, and performance conditions.
  2. Anytime troubleshooting – perform automated diagnosis in any problem area across your hybrid-cloud network.

Instantly add the experience of entire teams of subject matter experts and network engineers to your NetOps team by utilizing the Intent-Based Automation Center.

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Assess Anything

Address the most common scenarios seen in the majority of enterprise networks for event-driven response, such as those reported via a network helpdesk service ticket), as well as for proactive design-level compliance, security, and application performance support verifications. Find network issues in the following areas:

  • Best practices: whether the network design follows the best practices
  • Design errors: operational misconfigurations
  • Configuration drift: assess deviation from baseline configurations
  • Monitoring key operational status: of specific technology or use cases

Schedule Regularly

Automate network assessments at pre-defined intervals to ensure consistent operations. Schedule assessments to run via the Intent Timer to maintain network efficiency and desired network state.

Assign scheduled intervals to run each type of assessment:

  • Operational Status Assessments: monitor device neighbor stability and CPU/memory trends. Run the Intent every 4 hours throughout the week to monitor essential operational aspects of specific technology/use cases. Adjust to every hour or daily for a week.
  • Design Error and Best Practice Assessment: run the intent once to assess the variance between the ideal and reality and then after each network change.
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