Instant Automation

The Intent-Based Automation Center accelerates the response to external events (e.g. helpdesk tickets or network monitoring alarms) and proactively verifies design-level compliance, security profiles, and application path performance. Examples of the included automation found in the Intent-Based Automation Center include:

  • Verify application and Internet path availability and quality including Datacenter Interconnection (DCI) paths and VPN performance
  • Validate firewall rules/ACL– including connectivity between paths, applications, and devices – and QoS, ACL, or multicast rules are in place
  • Identify configuration drift due to errant, out-of-band, or ad-hoc changes and verify high-availability configurations
  • Detect CPU, memory, and power for devices that are running under stress
  • Detect slow applications and voice-over IP audio problems, including choppy or compressed voice and dropouts and abnormal link utilization, latency, or interface status
  • Test device or service reachability including printer/database services
  • Detect BGP or OSPF errors including neighbor unreachable

Instantly add the experience of entire teams of subject matter experts and network engineers to your NetOps team by utilizing Intent-Based Automation Center.

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Instant Experience

Obtain 100’s years of subject-matter expertise captured and codified as ready-to-use automation.

Extend Your NetOps

Extend the success of your existing NetOps teams by leveraging the Intent-Based Automation Center, addressing all of the most common problems seen throughout Enterprises and MSPs

An Always Expanding Library

The latest intelligence for better problem-solving continuously grows, making your teams more successful and responsible over time.


Solving Network Issues at Scale

Most network problems are more similar than you think. Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up valuable time for your engineers to work on more forward-looking tasks.

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Proactive Troubleshooting

Apply device, diagnostic, and historical knowledge from the Intent-Based Automation Center to every network problem so you don’t have to troubleshoot known incidents from scratch.

Resolve Incidents Faster

Accelerate 95% of service tickets that occur hundreds or thousands of times a month with pre-built automation.

Prevent the Next Outage

Proactively prevent 50% of network problems by diagnosing anomalies before they impact production.