Examples of Network Automation Intents in the library

  • Validating key applications required path availability and the quality control of those paths
  • Confirming firewall rules/ACL validation – including connectivity between paths, applications, and devices
  • Verifying High-Availability configuration consistency and alignment.
  • Detecting active devices that are running under stress, including CPU, Memory, and Power
  • Detecting abnormal link utilization, latency, or interface status
  • Testing Device or Service reachability, including printer/database services
  • Verifying the performance and quality of DataCenter Interconnection (DCI) paths
  • Detecting slow applications that may increase response times and impact customer experience
  • Verifying the availability of Internet paths, detecting the performance of VPN
  • Voice over IP audio problems, including choppy or compressed voice, dropouts
  • Identify configuration drift due to errant, out-of-band, or ad-hoc changes
  • Detecting BGP or OSPF errors, including neighbor unreachable
  • Verifying QoS, ACL, or multicast rules are in place.

Accelerate responses to events, like helpdesk service tickets, and proactively verify design-level compliance, security, and application performance.

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Instantly Add 1000 YEARS of Experience without Code

The NetBrain Automation Library subscription service with ready-to-use automation is like adding 1000 years of subject matter expertise to your team instantly without writing code.

An Extension of Your NetOps Team

A virtual team of dedicated network engineers makes SME knowledge readily available by creating pre-built automation to quickly scale your network infrastructure.

Always Get the Newest Automation

Your subscription entitles you to the latest automation updates to both existing automation and new intelligence for better problem-solving and is continuously growing in size, expertise, and value over time.

Most Network Problems are More Similar Than You Think

NetBrain’s PDAS and its Network Intent technology apply the device, data, and diagnostic knowledge intelligence from the Automation Library to every network so you don’t have to respond to every ticket from scratch.

Accelerate 95% of Service Tickets with Fewer Resources

Pre-built automation addresses network problems that occur hundreds or thousands of times a month. Free up valuable time for your engineers to work on the harder and more forward-looking tasks.

Proactively Prevent 50% of Network Problems

Preventive policy enforcement stems most network outages and service degradations by detecting root causes before impacting production. For example, inconsistent HA pair policies or when changes for a new application negatively affect installed applications.

Contact us today to get information about our Automation Center of Excellence (COE) and the Automation Library service.  The COE will help you select, adapt, and deploy the latest automation contained in NetBrain’s Automation Library.