Make Every Network Change a Safe Change

Empower protected network change management with a no-code automation platform that streamlines workflows, prevents configuration drift, and safeguards application performance across hybrid networks. Safely define, approve, benchmark, deploy, and verify configuration changes in alignment with business requirements. Make more informed changes and proactively assess their impact on business applications. With a centralized change hub, maintain strict compliance with your existing protocols and approval processes and protect against future drift.

Prevent change-induced outages by automating the protection of network design rules and best practices.

Triple Defense

Defend the network from unintended consequences throughout the entire change management process with Triple-Defense network protection:

  • Pre-change check for any configuration drift or state changes that might compromise changes.
  • During change Validate the impact of your changes across the entire network.
  • Post-change Update your critical network anti-drift automation with your latest changes and protect your newest design.
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Archive Changes

Automatically store change Runbooks in the change repository for future reference and audits.


Save change tasks as templates for future use by you or others.


In cases of conflict, easily rollback changes to prevent adverse effects on the network and its applications.

Protect Your Network During Change Windows

Defend against configuration drift at every stage of every network change.

Automate Configuration Drift Defense

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Mitigate human errors and prevent configuration drift as a result of network changes.

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Application Health

Ensure uninterrupted health for critical applications and IT services.

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Protect Existing Configs

Prevent new or rogue changes from overwriting existing configurations.

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Automated Approvals

Trigger approvals from 3rd-party ticket systems (e.g., ServiceNow) for network changes and status updates.

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Ensure design compliance of the entire production hybrid network and get a complete log history of changes and export configuration and rollback as CSV reports.

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Shorter Change Windows

Achieve desired network outcomes with shorter change windows.

“When operations engineers want to troubleshoot an incident, assess the impact of a change, or to interact with devices in real time, they go to NetBrain.”

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