Incident Response Automation

Reduce Mean Time To Repair with NetBrain's Troubleshooting Automation

Leveraging system and human knowledge, NetBrain Automation enables IT teams to quickly discover issues, and use the data behind them to automate their resolution. The power of NetBrain’s embedded no-code runbook platform allows any member of your team to collaborate in building scalable problem-solving solutions for any problem, big or small. All of this means more proactive problem resolution, with higher confidence and consistency for higher service availability and network uptime.

Challenges of Manual Incident Response

Missed data makes finding root cause impossible

Inconsistent root cause investigations impact MTTR

Lack of historical data for reference

Ticket re-assignments delay problem resolution

Capture Incident Detail in Real-Time

NetBrain integrates with your existing IT monitoring and service management (ITSM) system. When a network outage occurs and a service ticket is created, NetBrain jumps into action and dynamically maps the problem area, runs preliminary diagnostics, and then embeds the results of this back into your third-party ITSM ticket, greatly reducing the duration of ticket resolution. This automation enables your network operators to get right to the most difficult part of problem-solving by eliminating the prerequisites and time-consuming overhead.

Consistent Incident Response

During incident response, applying consistent, best practice diagnosis is critical to solving the issue quickly and in a predictable fashion. NetBrain allows subject-matter experts to leverage thgeir experience and organize their best practice diagnostic steps into repeatable Runbooks (which are created without any coding), resulting in consistent troubleshooting every time. Within minutes, hundreds of these automated best practices can be applied to your entire infrastructure end-to-end.


More Informed Problem Solving

NetBrain’s Executable Runbook leverages and makes decisions based upon all of the available data from NetBrain’s robust and continuously updated data model, which includes historical baselines and third-party monitoring applications. This comprehensive understanding of the minute detail for every aspect of the digital infrastructure provides operational teams with the needed visibility, context, and ability to identify problems before they impact the business, including configuration drift and compliance issues.

03 A Time Machine of Your Network

Troubleshoot Collaboratively

The time it takes to resolve incidents is greatly affected by the number of resources required to be involved. By allowing real-time collaboration by all teams that will ultimately be involved for any given problem, including  NetOps, SecOps, DevOps, complex problems can be resolved quickly without the need for hand-off or escalations so common in the delivery of IT services. By utilizing NetBrain’s automation in a collaborative fashion, problems are resolved quickly and in a highly defendable fashion. This results in the faster incident resolution which is more predictable as well.

04 Troubleshoot With Your Entire IT Team

Move from Reactive to Proactive

NetBrain’s Intent-Based Automation and it’s adaptive monitoring foundation proactively monitors and validates that your network is meeting the design goals of the solution and application architects. By modelling all of the hundreds or thousands of network intentions of these solution designers and then making those intentions actionable, NetBrain catches problems before they impact the business. NetBrain identifies intentions that can not be fullfilled and provides the required automation to restore those intentions. The result is higher performance IT service delivery, with fewer disruptions and service degradations.