Network Troubleshooting Automation

Reduce Mean Time To Repair with NetBrain's Ticket Diagnosis Automation

Network operations teams realize they need to reduce the overhead associated with managing network service tickets at scale. With a deep understanding of the network through system and human knowledge, NetBrain enables IT teams to quickly discover issues, troubleshoot collaboratively, and capture subject matter problem-solving expertise as automation. Any operator can then leverage the captured automation to resolve any reoccurrence of the same or similar problems, improving service availability and network uptime while reducing MTTR.

Integrate with 3rd-party service management tools

Get real-time contextual information

Shift from human-centric to machine-centric

Leverage automation to resolve reoccurring incidents


Faster Problem Diagnosis

By integrating NetBrain with your ITSM system, service tickets automatically trigger NetBrain to take action the moment a problem occurs. NetBrain generates real-time maps of the vicinity and then begins diagnosing the network’s physical and logical connectivity to capture intermittent or transient problems in real-time. NetBrain automatically executes tasks, records the diagnosis, and then sends the diagnostic detail back to your ticketing system before your technicians get involved.

More Informed Decision Making

NetBrain auto-discovers your end-to-end hybrid network in real-time and generates a continuously updated data model through dynamic maps. Acting as a centralized database, it understands the configuration, topology, state, and condition of every aspect of the hybrid network including traditional network topologies, the datacenter, SD-WAN as well as all of the major public clouds.


Collaborative Troubleshooting

Complex problem solving in a hybrid network may require several subject matter experts across a handful of technology domains including NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps. By offering an informed collaboration portal, NetBrain allows teams to work together in real-time, eliminating time-consuming hand-offs and escalations.

04 Troubleshoot With Your Entire IT Team

Solve Reoccurring Problems Automatically

By capturing the steps your SMEs take and turning them into re-usable network automation units, problems can be solved once, and then whenever the same or similar problems occur, that expertise can be leveraged, dramatically reducing your resource demand and MTTR.

03 Execute Expert Know-How Automatically