Your applications and IT services traverse hybrid-cloud networks. So should your network operations. In real-time, seamlessly manage the management of your entire network. Visualize, automate and enforce network design rules to ensure connectivity, security and resiliency.

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Discover the Entire Network

Auto-discover and baseline the live hybrid-cloud network with device, connectivity, performance and security detail.

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Eliminate Cloud Blind Spots

Get end-to-end visibility across multi-cloud, SDN and SD-WAN infrastructure.

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Document Anything

Export dynamic hybrid-cloud network diagrams and reports for the data you need, anytime.

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Get Proactive

Ensure network performance and security with actionable visibility right on any map.

Multi-Cloud Automation

Automate the operations of your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, from discovery, inventory, and status to performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The public cloud doesn’t need to be a silo in your network operations plan. Make the most informed decisions, and define and verify network intents for your business applications. Enable visualization and network automation for every hop, path, device and connection, physical or virtual – and all of their dependencies.

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Single Source of Truth

NetBrain provides operational automation through its deep integration with a myriad of sources for network performance data. Typical connectivity to public clouds can provide a wealth of operational data, along with other management and network monitoring tools already in place. Providing application visibility with available network performance data is key to operational efficiency. NetBrain extends our data model to include complementary network management data via an open API interface and specific out-of-the-box connectors built for these tools, including Datadog and Splunk.

True End-to-End Service Delivery

The use of public cloud-based IT services introduces new complexities to Network Operations, creating the perfect scenario for network automation to assist. Users depend on your public cloud-based services just as much as any other service you deliver from your data center. See and manage the complete hop-by-hop path of any application from the public cloud all the way down to the network edge, including all the devices – and pinpoint exactly where you need to troubleshoot with no-code machine-driven automation.

Cloud Network Observability

NetBrain amplifies the value of observability enabling you to discover, visualize and automate your cloud-based services. It captures detailed device information and maintains topological context. Public cloud instances seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, providing easy application visibility. With comprehensive visibility, NetBrain empowers network automation for your hybrid infrastructure’s design intentions.

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