Visual Management for Public Cloud

NetBrain Visual Management Console is true End-to-End management, including the Cloud!

Traditional network operations tools don’t provide sufficient visibility to the cloud, nor do they provide a cohesive way to automate the operations of your cloud-based network in lockstep with the rest of your infrastructure. NetBrain’s Dynamic Map technology offers the required visibility and management across the entire infrastructure, including multi-cloud services.  No longer does your end-to-end management need to stop at your internet-connected devices. NetBrain’s Dynamic Map technology brings this true end-to-end visibility and management, including automated incident management to life.

Manage Your Cloud-Based Services

NetBrain automates the operations of today’s end-to-end multi-cloud infrastructures, from discovery, inventory, and status to performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The Public Cloud doesn’t need to be a silo in the network operations plan. With NetBrain, you can make the most informed decisions, and define and verify network intents for your business applications are supported. NetBrain enables visualization and automated management of every hop, path, device, connection, and all of their dependencies.


Integrate Cloud Data Sources

NetBrain provides true end-to-end visibility, management, and operational automation through its deep integration with a myriad of sources for network performance data. Typical connectivity to public clouds can provide a wealth of operational data, along with other management and monitoring tools already in place. Providing a single pane of glass of all available performance data is key to operational efficiency. NetBrain extended our open approach to complementary network management tools via an open API interface and specific connectors built for these tools, such as Datadog and Splunk.

Manage the Cloud Network Ecosystem on One Platform

Manage Traffic End-to-End

The use of Public Cloud-based IT services introduces new complexities to the Network Operations function. With NetBrain, public cloud-based services are treated like any other IT service delivery platform. NetBrain allows you to see and manage the complete hop-by-hop path of an application from the public cloud all the way down to the network edge – and pinpoint exactly where you need to troubleshoot, ultimately reducing MTTR – and MTTI (Mean Time To Identify). NetBrain’s executable runbook automation optimizes the public cloud just like any other part of your digital infrastructure.

Map Traffic from Cloud to Non-Cloud

Understand Your Cloud

NetBrain enables you to discover and automate the operations of your cloud-based services hosted within the largest of multi-cloud networks, automatically recording detailed device information and their full topological context. With NetBrain, you can optimize your end-to-end operations and quickly view, search, and understand your full public cloud presence. NetBrain provides this single comprehensive, hierarchical view for your total end-to-end environment, and the runbook automation to assure your hybrid infrastructure continues to deliver its design intentions.

Understanding Your Cloud