Network Assessment Dashboards


NetBrain provides customized and automated reports to help you diagnose and manage your network infrastructure more effectively. The reports are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your network’s health, help you perform compliance checks and capacity planning, and view performance trend analysis. Dashboards are configurable for any number of items within the NetBrain system.

NetBrain includes certain pre-configured dashboards out of the box, but customers can also create their own custom dashboards by dragging and dropping widgets onto a blank canvas. This flexibility is an important differentiator for the NetBrain dashboard subsystem.

  • Summarize the Configuration Drifts for Outage Prevention
  • Summarize Transient Problems for Diagnosis Automation
  • Perform Security Assessments for Network Security
  • Display Change Management Results for Protective Change
  • Display Path Verification and Path Monitoring for Application Performance

Failovers & Outages

Summarizes results for failover failures captured with Intents over time.

  • Failover detection and configuration drift in HSRP
  • Failover detection and configuration drift in ASA firewall
  • Failover detection and configuration drift in WAN link

Network Security

Summarizes security assessment results over time.

  • Devices that failed to access allowed devices in the security zone
  • Disallowed devices not blocked by the security zone
  • Access rule violations
  • Device hardening over time
  • Configuration drift in the security zone

Configuration Drift

Summarize results for configuration drift issues by site, devices, and zones using Intents over time.

  • BGP changed from golden config on devices
  • OSPF changed from golden config on devices
  • SNMP rule violated the golden rule on devices
  • Access rule violated from the golden rule on devices
  • Configuration drift by site and routing protocol
  • Failover ASA firewalls configured
  • Failover WAN link configured
  • HSRP device pairs match
  • Security zone configuration matches baseline