NetBrain Hackathon

Where NetBrain Power Users Can Demonstrate Their No-Code Network Automation Skills

Join this exciting competition to test your no-code network automation skills by solving real-world network challenges through automation. Open to all Power User graduates, we have created a comprehensive NetBrain Next-Gen environment to allow our participants to test their no-code automation skills learned during Power User training, learn automation tips and tricks from others, and explore the power of no-Code network automation to its fullest.

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Nov 6, 2023

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How to Participate


Attend Free 2-Day Power User Training

To participate, you will have attended one of our 2-day Power User Training sessions and learned the foundations of no-code automation.


Solve Real World Challenges

After you complete our  2-day power user training in step 1, you’ll be automatically pre-registered for this Hackathon and receive an email with your unique login credentials. On the first Monday of each Hackathon month, we will release a new set of four challenges, one from each of the following everyday use cases:

  1. Map and Design: Using automation to decode, baseline and map complex network designs
  2. Auto Diagnosis: Using automation to diagnose and troublshoot common network problems
  3. Network Assessment: Using automation to assess/validate various aspects of the network
  4. Safe Change: Using automation to make safe changes using our Triple-Defense technology

How it Works

The Hackathon will run on a dedicated NetBrain Next-Gen Lab environment with a live network that has been specifically created for the Hackathon competition. Participants will be encouraged to explore the Next-Gen system, ask questions of their peers through our online Hackathon Community, and reach out to NetBrain for guidance or “hints” as needed through out the competition via our Hackathon Hotline.

Participants will have 2 weeks to build, test and submit automations. After the submission period has closed, we will host a live webinar session revealing reference answers, as well as winners and their winning solutions. This will be open to the public so everyone that has interest in the power of no-code network automation can see how practioners have put it to work in every day scenerios.

Recognition & Awards

Participants that submit the most complete and accurate solutions to the challenges will earn points. The better the submission, the more points. Particpants with the most points will be awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze “Hackathon Winner” acheivement badges an accompanying trophy, recognizing those efforts.

As the challenges progress, each participant will be encouraged to continue their submissions. And as points begin to add up, we will be awarding the “Master of Automation” and “Grand Master of Automation” badges, along with prizes for each level.


What is the schedule of this Hackathon program?

The Hackathon begins in November 2023 and each challenge period lasts for two months. On the first Monday of the period, problem challenges will be posted and participants will have two weeks to solve each of the four scenerios. Participants will need to submit their answers during that two-week period. Each entry will be graded and points awarded for accuracy and completeness. The first week of the following month, the results will be presented along with badges for successful submissions.

How do I qualify to participate?

Every student that has completed our two-day Power User training is eligible for Hackathon and is automatically enrolled in the program. Participants will be notified by email and provided with the program access details and their unique credentials to begin the challenge immediately.

How do I participate?

To participate, use your credentials to login to the Hackathon system. Explore NetBrain Next-Gen and look in the Challenges folder for the current solutions that need to be solved. You’ll also see some additional documents in that folder providing guidance and hints, along with the hotline contact information which can be used if you get stuck. We also have created an Hackathon Community where you and your peers can discuss automation approaches and help each other with no-code network automation usage. All of this detail is provided in the EMAIL that you will recieve for each challenge period. Remember to SUBMIT your entry by the close date of the competition.

Are there any costs for this program?

There are no costs to participate in the Hackathon Challenge.

What version of NetBrain will I be using?

NetBrain Next-Gen 11.1a has been configured for the challenge. It was released in the fall of 2023 and all participants are encouraged to explore it to the fullest during the competition. And as a reminder, all active customers of NetBrain are entitled to no-cost upgrades, so its probably a good time to assure that your own organization’s NetBrain environment is being upgraded regularly so you can use these same skills honed during the competition at your work installation as well.