Deployment of advanced security technologies can create the illusion of comprehensive protection, but all too often, subsequent changes to the infrastructure can increase risk. Automation can make this a part of your standard operating best practices by providing continuous verification of security functions based on your architect’s intended design.

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Network Security Observability

View the status of security enforcement policies in a dashboard.

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Impact to Critical Functions

Automate device, edge, border and zone level security assessments and guard against drift.

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Respond to Security Events

Benefit from automated network security visibility, impact analysis and network defense.

Continuous Security Policy and Zone Enforcement

By understanding what’s expected of each of your security components when deployed and then continuously verifying that these still exist, you can defend your organization’s security architecture and its implementation.

NetBrain protects your most valuable assets through continuous and automated verification of enterprise-wide and granular security policies, access controls, dynamic routing schemes, and edge access restrictions.

Rethink Network Security with Intent Enforcement

Verify network connectivity as a function of all of the security components to assure protection is in force as the architects intended.

Intent-Based Automation Module >

Align Productivity and Security by Verifying Intents

Ensure the interaction between devices, users, and data conforms to the security architects’ intended access-control policies.

Interactive Automation >

Automate Enforcement of Security Intents

Network design Intents add intelligence to maintain baseline security policies automatically.

Network Hardening and the Dynamic Art of Security >

Design Compliance, Always!

When it comes to network security, design compliance is everything. Modern infrastructures have broad attack surfaces that require a continuous verification of accessibility.

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Continuously Audit Your Network’s Compliance

NetBrain’s automation engine keeps network device configurations, connectivity, and access policies in check with your intended design.

Identify and Prevent Compliance Drift

Intent-Based Preventive Automation coupled with Adaptive Monitoring uses probes to proactively monitor and alert you to deviations.

Stop Risks from Becoming Widespread Problems

Pre-define security rules to use network intent to remediate issues before they impact your business.

Isolate Network Devices, Quickly

When your SIEM or IDS/IPS solution detects malware or ransomware, every second gives the malicious code time to infect more devices. NetBrain enables you to quickly isolate all involved network devices in the vicinity, allowing time to properly resolve abnormalities while in quarantine.

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Locate Network Devices in Seconds

With just the IP, MAC address, or DNS name, NetBrain’s One-IP Table quickly helps your team pinpoint the exact location of any network device, right down to the switch port it is connected to.

Visualize Network Neighbors

Create a visual que of the device and its network neighbors and a map you can export.

Stop Layer 3 Threat Spread

Shunt traffic, disable ports, or update policies to quickly stop attacker traffic and data exfiltration at the speed of a machine so you can take immediate action.

Map the Attack Path

View and share a map of the attack path of potentially malicious traffic with layer 2 contexts.

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Diagnose the Threat Path

See potentially malicious traffic along any path with context including L2 devices and their conditions.

Compare the Attack Path Against its Benchmark

View configurations for changes by comparing to design or intent-based benchmarks, called Golden Paths.

Visualize Infrastructure Changes

Visualize infrastructure changes across the hybrid network and identify all impacted devices, services, and application dependencies – in seconds.

Simplify Audit Preparation

Leverage NetBrain’s single source of truth based on its end-to-end network auto-discovery technology. NetBrain’s advanced Digital Twin technology enables real-time Dynamic Maps to be generated and verified at any time.

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Auto-Discover the Hybrid Network

Generate real-time dynamic maps of the network from edge to cloud anytime on the fly.

Auto-Generate Documentation

Ease preparation for compliance audits by saving and exporting dynamic maps natively to Microsoft Word or Visio including all diagnostic data, configuration files, and routing tables.

The Human Error Factor

Ensure design intentions for network device changes and the resulting connectivity changes are preserved. Even successful device changes can result in unintended consequences. Leverage rollbacks to quickly restore any previous configuration.