Preventing Network Outages Once and For All



While huge investments in service delivery, resilience and security architectures have been made over the years, catastrophic failures still occur, outages still happen. Why? Because most digital infrastructures are complex and expansive multi-vendor and multi-cloud resources being operated by people. And no surprise, more than half of all outages can be traced to human error and unintended consequences. 

So, it’s time to get in front of network outages and eliminate the risks and costs at the same time. In this session, we’ll explore the opportunity to proactively detect and correct configuration drifts before they lead to service failures, network disruptions and security intrusions.   

NetBrain NextGen allows you to simply define all of the network behaviors that your architects expect and then let NetBrain NextGen take care of maintaining those conditions—all without writing a single line of code! 

It’s one hour that will change your life.