Testing the Boundaries – Continuous Network Security Assessment

An effective network security architecture requires not just careful planning but also ongoing testing to guarantee that its objectives are consistently achieved. It entails verifying various aspects such as vendor vulnerability compliance, device configurations, permitted protocols, port access, and numerous other design elements to ensure adherence to expected standards. In our demonstration, we’ll underscore the significance of continual assessment in upholding these conditions, thereby safeguarding sensitive data, preserving operational integrity, and fortifying your organization’s reputation and future prospects.

Discover how you can now continuously evaluate your network’s security posture for:

  • Assess network compliance with industry security standards, including NIST guidelines.
  • Detect weaknesses in network devices, operating systems, and applications using the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) catalog.
  • Address security gaps caused by weak passwords, insecure protocols, and unauthorized access permissions.