Deep visibility and mapping of service delivery across your entire hybrid-cloud network provides the foundation needed for no-code network automation. NetBrain goes beyond basic device and topology-level understanding with real-time forwarding and diagnostic logic.

Live Network Digital Twin

NetBrain’s full-stack live network digital twin of the end-to-end hybrid network automatically discovers a detailed device, topology, connectivity and flow, and intent data for multi-dimensional network awareness. Real-time contextual visibility and understanding enable the full range of no-code network automation capabilities to ensure your hybrid infrastructure continues delivering its architectural design intentions.

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Multi-Layer Context

End-to-end network understanding extends from the device level to the topology and traffic flow levels to the intent level with map-based diagnostic detail.

Service Delivery Awareness

Application and service performance awareness provide traffic flow visibility overlayed with color-coded diagnostic and design intents that allow you to visualize the conditions for the services and apps running on the network in a map.

Network Auto-Discovery

Using a combination of automated SNMP, SSH/CLI, and API mechanisms and patented neighbor discovery algorithms, NetBrain understands even the largest environments, from public cloud to remote edge, at scale.


Inventory and Reporting

Customize a comprehensive inventory report of data in your network, including device data, module data, interface data, site data, and more. Export and share reports with anyone.

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3rd-Party Integrations

Integrate with your existing ITSM, NPM, SIEM, and ITOM tools in a unified view to achieve end-to-end network management and dynamic maps enriched with contextual data.

Exportable Documentation

Microsoft-compatible exportable dynamic maps and reports give you the data you need, anytime.

Inventory Reports

Leverage built-in reports as templates that you can then export or, customize your own reports by specifying device scope and asset data.

Dynamic Mapping and Troubleshooting

Dynamic Map forms the basis of the leading visual management and automation console as it leverages all of the data available from multiple IT configuration and monitoring tools in order to improve workflows and communications throughout an organization. NetBrain enables you to unify your data silos into a single view and map and analyze network data from any source.

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Diagnose Problems Faster

Quickly identify hotspots by diagnosing entire network segments at once. Troubleshoot and correlate network issues and diagnose transient problems.

Go Beyond Observability

Go beyond mainstream observability tools in the market with object-oriented intent-based visibility, monitoring, troubleshooting, and preventive automation. Observe security hardening of your attack surface to ensure it remains protected.

Map Everything

Map your end-to-end network from the edge to the cloud, including everything in between, SDN (ACI and NSX) and SD-WAN networks.

Map End-to-End Traffic Paths

Gain complete visibility into Service Groups and source to destination pathing to uncover the causes of application performance degradations.

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Across the Hybrid-Cloud

Map application paths in a hybrid-cloud network and across multi-cloud environments for unparalleled visibility.

Compare to Golden Path

Compare any live application path to a “golden path” or healthy path and run intents automatically to discover deviations.

Manage All Paths

View and manage all saved application paths in one place and troubleshoot the condition of each path.

Unleash Full Visibility into Your Hybrid Cloud Network

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