Change Management 501: Eliminating the Unintended Consequence of Change



Network Change Management has always been considered one of the most delicate operations in NetOps. In fact, most enterprise organizations significantly limit the times that infrastructure changes can be made to low-impact periods over the weekend or late at night specifically to allow for roll-backs or to deal with the unintended consequence of change. And Network change is unforgiving — and can be disastrous when things go wrong. 

But what if all the business services touched by each network change were verified for performance both before and after each change had been made? NetBrain Next-Gen does just that.  

NetBrain’s Change Management solution eliminates the impact guessing-game. Through our powerful no-code Intent-based platform, NetBrain understands the services expected to be delivered by each component and then assesses that successful delivery before and after each change is made.  

Do not miss this opportunity to see how to reliably transform your change management processes forever.