A NetBrain Certified Automation Associate (NCAA) certification demonstrates that you’ve mastered the essentials of NetBrain Automation and can design, build, and implement automation that can be scaled network-wide to help achieve your organizations automation goals.

NCAA certification is required to continue on the NetBrain Automation certification learning path. If you choose to continue your learning beyond NCAA, this certification serves as a foundational step on your path to our highest level of certification.

Get Started On Your NCAA Certification Journey

Step 1: Get Trained

Choose between our 2-Day Power User Training, NetBrain University Live!, or E-Learning options to learn the relevant knowledge required to pass your exam. Select your preferred method or take a blend of all. Request a NetBrain University Account >

Step 2: Prepare for Exam

Continue to Develop your skills with NetBrain-hosted Automation Hackathons, continuing education opportunities, independent development, and attempt certification when the time is right.

Step 3: Certification Exam

Earn your NCAA certification by passing one written exam and a practical lab activity. Exams are administered by NetBrain automation experts either online or at our corporate headquarters.

Additional Resources for Exam Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

I passed the NCAA Certification Exam. What now?

Congratulations! You’ve officially joined the NetBrain Automation certified community, and earned an industry credential that validates your proficiency in No-Code Automation Fundamentals. Within 24 hours of your exam, you will receive an email with a link to your digital certification, award package, and a NCAA badge. You can now share your awesome achievement with your peers, colleagues, and employers via LinkedIn and other social media channels.

What’s next? Keep learning, keep mastering your No-Code Automation skills, and keep on climbing the certification ladder. Prepare yourself for the NetBrain Certified Automation Professional (NCAP) certification to take your career to an even higher level.

What happens if I don't pass my exam?

You’ll need to wait a period of 15 calendar days, beginning the day after you’ve taken the exam before retaking the same exam.

How much does the NCAA certification exam cost?

The NetBrain Certified Automation Associate certification exam is completely free.

How do I recertify to keep my certification current?

NetBrain will provide official notifications of course or material updates to the NCAA certification learning path that would warrant recertification. It is recommended that all certification holders review changed material, participate in updated learning opportunities and retake the exam within 6 months of update availability.