To earn the NetBrain Certified Automation Associate certification, you must pass both the written and practical lab components that comprise the NCAA exam. This 110-minute exam tests your knowledge of:

01 NetBrain Automation Workflows
  • The Primary Automation Workflow: Map to Dashboard
  • The Quick Intent Workflow for Active Protoyping
  • Visualization of Automation Execution with Dashboards
02 Creating an Automation Console - NetBrain Dynamic Device Map
  • Creating a map using the Advanced Search Bar
  • Creating a map using Traceroute results
  • The characteristics and significance of the One-IP Table
  • Enhancing the map with L2/L3 neighbor extension
03 CLI Command Parsing and Visual Parser
  • The Anatomy of the NetBrain Visual Parser
    • Retrieving Raw Command Data
    • Creating and Defining Variables
    • Interpreting the machine-readable parsed response
  • Characteristics of the available visual parser types
    • Single Line / Single Variable
    • Multi-Line / Paragraph
    • Table
    • Collector
  • Characteristics of supported visual parser variable types:
    • String
    • Multi-string
    • Integer
    • Float
    • Enumeration
    • $dummy
  • Recognize the Purpose, functions, and application of different parsing types based on CLI command responses
  • Advanced parsing techniques for text blocks
04 Building Diagnosis Logic
  • Understanding the Purpose, function, and application of if/then/else/elseif conditional statements
  • Defining Conditional and Looping diagnostic logic
  • Understanding of the three primary diagnosis data types (String, Number, Table) and their associated operators
  • Creating diagnosis with state and status: Baseline, Current, Last
  • Defining diagnosis, device, and intent output messaging
  • Increased efficiency of duplicating diagnostic logic
05 Intent Replication
  • Characteristics and creation of an Automation Data Table (ADT)
    • Base Table
    • Automation Column Groups
    • Intent Column Tags
  • Using Device Groups to model network automation
  • Scaling Automation with Intent Replication Wizard
  • Scheduling Execution of replicated intent automation
06 Auto Intent
  • Components and role of an Automation Library
  • Characteristics, function, and applied results of an Auto Intent (Wrapper Intent)
  • Describe the Diagnosis tree – What it represents and how it functions
  • Defining Auto Intent Profiles for grouping automation

The above topics are likely to be included as part of the NCAA 24-001 exam. These topics are subject to change at any time to reflect the latest in automation innovations and advancements in the NetBrain platform. Check back here or consult our training materials for the latest resources.