Announcing Next-Gen Update 3

With this third update to NetBrain Next-Gen, our No-Code Network Automation platform is now powered by our powerful continuous network assessment technology. This technology brings automation to life and allows every operational idea to be transformed into executable automation in minutes. By leveraging this automated assessment technology, collaborative troubleshooting, outage prevention, and change management become a defendable part of your operating plan, no longer a combination of ad-hoc and inconsistent tactics.
With Next-Gen Update 3 and its assessment technology, you now have the means to continuously:

  • Detect configuration drift and identify other changes across the network
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of your access and control architecture
  • Assess network health, lifecycle status, and available capacity
  • Assure critical applications, Cloud and IT services are being delivered properly
  • Resolve existing problems and prevent them from re-occurring throughout the network

Next-Gen changes the network operations game and can be deployed quickly to enable every network engineer to become a network automation engineer- without the need of programming!.

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