Automate the Entire Workflow with Limitless Integrations

With the power of NetBrain Next-Gen’s API integrations, don’t just automate tasks: automate entire workflows! Integrate right away with the most popular tools on the market or build custom integrations with your specific toolset, even homegrown!

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Expand NetBrain Automation With Vendor Integrations


Integrate Without Code with Major Vendors

Unify your sources of truth with NetBrain’s already deep network visibility: traditional, SDN, or cloud. Incorporate real-time telemetry data into Netbrain’s Dynamic Maps. Analyze the after-effects of new configurations for truly intelligent change management. And, trigger event-driven automations—northbound or southbound—with your ITSM or other tools to facilitate self-service or remove humans from the equation altogether!


Build Your Own Custom Integrations

Have a crucial tool not on the list? Not a problem: NetBrain’s REST API and webhook capabilities make it easy to create and include brand new custom integrations: northbound, southbound, or east/west. Need a hand getting started? Our Customer Success team will gladly set you on the right foot! Looking for a more hands-off approach? No worries, our dedicated Professional Services team is always here to assist!