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The Friday Five: Network Vs. Application Teams, Capacity Planning and IoT

Feb 8, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

Network Teams: Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Just Ask the Application Team – APM Digest

There’s often a divide that exists between network and applications teams, and that’s because when an app isn’t functioning properly, network teams are the first to blame. As long as companies depend on applications to conduct business, and applications depend on the network to function, the debate between which team is to blame for slow performance, downtime, or otherwise will continue. This article from NetBrain’s product director Jason Baudreau discusses what network teams can do to ensure there’s infrastructure in place to support given applications and steps the network team can take to automatically be found innocent when applications aren’t functioning properly.

What 4 Questions Can Help Prepare Your Network for IoT? – SearchNetworking

IoT is increasingly providing organizations with improved customer service and enhanced operational efficiency. However, securely connecting the abundance of IoT devices like smartphones, cameras, sensors, smart meters, inventory trackers, robots, industrial control systems, etc., is become more and more of a challenge. As a result, organizations must take steps to prepare their network to connect to a large number of devices. This article discusses key questions networking teams should ask in order to understand the network and IT requirements unique to IoT applications.

What Is Network Automation and Why Do You Need It? – Solutions Review

Solutions Review defines automation as “the use of processes and technology to automatically perform objectives without any human input” and cites network automation as a notable way to help your IT team monitor the performance of the network. This article describes several benefits of network automation, including creating maps, continuous monitoring, and automated analysis of network performance data.

How AI Can Improve Network Capacity Planning – Network World

Network capacity planning is a complex, error-prone process that can have serious financial implications, and until recently, the network data necessary for productive capacity planning was only available via historical, static reports. Now, however, technology like AI and advanced data science is allowing IT teams to improve the accuracy of network capacity planning with more intelligent predictive insights.

Survey Shows Carriers Moving to SDN in a Big Way – Virtualization & Cloud Review

It seems as though SDN is moving out of the hype phase and into mainstream adoption. A new survey from IHS Markit found that SDN will be adopted by all survey respondents and is already in use by a whopping 78 percent of global service providers. The survey describes two main reasons impacting an organization’s move to SDN: simplification and automation of service provisioning, and end-to-end network management and control.


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