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Finally, You Can Have Continuous Network Assessment!

by Mark Harris Aug 23, 2023

As IT professionals, we’ve spent our entire lives thinking about delivering IT services in a reliable, predictable fashion. Sometimes it’s about having the right tech, sometimes it’s about implementing the right processes like network assessments. The discussions over how to best support the service delivery goal change over time, to be sure.

And more people become involved as our network grows bigger and more complex. In most cases, our network infrastructure contains dozens of vendors supplying hundreds of different models over the lifespan of a business.

And then we double and triple the whole thing every time we get involved in an M&A activity. Then throw in the fact that half of all computing is now handled by virtual services provided by the public clouds, and you have something that is much harder to appreciate with a simple glance as it was when Visio was the network assessment tool of choice.

Today, digital infrastructures are tough to keep track of, at the very moment in time when they have become mission-critical… when the network stops, so does business.