NetBrain Personal Edition

Free Network Mapping and Troubleshooting

NetBrain Personal Edition (PE) is built on our Adaptive Network Automation technology that helps network teams gain end-to-end visibility into their network and collaborate easily with Executable Runbooks.


netbrain personal edition

Dynamic Mapping

With the power of Dynamic Maps, you finally say goodbye to manual network diagramming. They are automatically created from the live network data so you always have the most accurate view of your network. With Dynamic Mapping, you can also map your desired traffic flows instantly for faster troubleshooting.


Runbook Automation

Often teams leverage Runbooks – a documented series of processes which provide engineers with guidance during troubleshooting. With NetBrain Runbooks, organizations can digitize their troubleshooting processes to make them fully executable.

NetBrain Runbook Overview

What does PE require?

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 with administrator rights, Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM and 20GB of hard disk space. Supports 12 devices and various vendors.