Network Documentation

Up-to-date, contextualized knowledge for complex network operations

Let’s Solve the Documentation Problem Once and For All

Traditional network documentation methods can no longer keep pace with the pace of today’s networks. Just as Google Maps changed forever the way we think about street maps, NetBrain has redefined network documentation.

NetBrain offers a new approach: a documentation system that dynamically collects, records, and visualizes all network domain knowledge and subject matter expertise — automatically.

Get Your Network to Document Itself

NetBrain auto-discovers and documents everything about how your network is connected, configured, and designed. Now everyone knows as much about the network as the person who built it.

Capture Your Experts’ Know-How Automatically

Document your engineers’ tribal knowledge automatically. As your experts go through their daily tasks, NetBrain codifies their steps in automated Executable Runbooks that empower anyone to be a network hero.

Enable Collaboration and Streamline Escalation

NetBrain offers an intelligent system that can document all results from troubleshooting steps — avoiding wasteful duplication of effort and making it easy to share a single source of truth with anyone.

“90% of the network documentation available to me is wrong.
With NetBrain, I can build everything in 1% of the time it takes me to do it by hand.”

– Network Engineer in the Financial Services Industry

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