Test Drive NetBrain

Kick the tires and take NetBrain for a spin in our virtual lab environment.

Take NetBrain for a Spin in Our Lab

This Test Drive will allow you full access to our software in a hassle-free curated trial environment (nothing to install, nothing to configure).  You’ll get:

Our Test Drive environment is easy to use and provides you with tons of hardware options so you can fully explore our software’s capabilities. Seeing is believing – try it for yourself! (Google Chrome Recommended)

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Three things to try

This Test Drive will allow you to experience the full power of NetBrain’s software. Here are three things you’ll be able to try right away:

Search and Map

Search and Map

NetBrain is like Google Maps for your network. Enter any search string (e.g., any part of an IP address, hostname, routing protocol, or config file) and NetBrain generates a new network map directly from the search results.

Data Views

Automated Diagnostics

Run CLI analytics across all devices automatically in one fell swoop — e.g., check neighboring interfaces to find a speed/duplex mismatch in seconds. See your experts’ recommended best next steps. And much more.

A/B Path Mapping

A/B Path Mapping

Need end-to-end visibility of any traffic flow across the live network? Just enter the source and destination IP address, and NetBrain builds a map of the entire path — no matter how complex — in seconds!