Executable Runbooks

Document, share, and automate network processes

 Automate Any Network Task, No Matter the Network

NetBrain’s Executable Runbooks enable users to automate virtually any network operation, such as troubleshooting, critical path mapping, compliance, change validation, and more. Through a clear and straightforward user interface, network teams can transform their day-to-day operations into a few simple clicks.

Automate Tasks Without Coding

Scripts require constant maintenance and break at scale. Runbooks adapt automation to any workflow, on any network, without having to write a single line of code.

Document Your Experts’ Know-How

Your “network heroes” may not always be available, but their expertise can be. Runbooks digitize their specialized knowledge so anyone can tackle the tough issues.

Write Once, Execute Anywhere

Save and execute a runbook anywhere on the network. Thanks to NetBrain’s unique multi-vendor framework, Executable Runbooks pull the same information from any device.

“NetBrain has been instrumental in making our lives better. It doesn’t eliminate all the tasks that are required, but greatly reduces the time commitment needed to perform them.”

– Senior Network Engineer in the Retail Industry

Executable Runbooks

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