Students will learn how to:

Hands-On instruction addresses the top real-world automation challenges common to every enterprise.

  • Create a reference workflow, use the Visual Parser, explore platform foundations (Data View, Runbook, Intent), create maps and proactively troubleshoot incidents.
  • Capture network intent as business requirements.
  • Verify network intents for troubleshooting tickets or during remediation.
  • Enforce network intents to assure business services are continuously available at the level of performance needed.
  • Scale automation to the entire network.
  • Collaborate across support teams and share diagnostic results.
  • Use NetBrain to achieve:
    1. Proactive Problem Diagnosis
    2. Application Assurance
    3. Protective Change Management
    4. Preventive Automation

Common Questions

How does Immersion Training work?

After you sign up for the training program by filling up the form above, we will follow-up with you via email.

Are there prerequisites for this class?

Yes.  Prior to taking this in-person Immersion Training, you will be required to complete the below 4 classes first.  These prerequisite classes are free instructor-led online classes, 90-minutes each.

  1. NB101: Introduction to NetBrain
  2. NB201: Interactive Automation Foundation
  3. NB202: Building Advanced Automation
  4. NB203: Troubleshooting Using Network Intents

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Do you have online version of Immersion Training?

No, not right now. These classes will be conducted at 2 locations:

  • 15 Blue Sky Drive, Burlington, MA, United States 01803
  • Escalla IT-Rooms, Angel Wharf, 170 Shepherdess Walk, London, N1 7JL