Today, every business is a distributed business and the network is its livelihood. This is especially true in modern campus, branch and edge-connected networks, where the hybrid network is the key to offering products and services. The quality of the connectivity directly affects customer satisfaction and every other aspect of the business.

There are many challenges in delivering the needed level of performance across a distributed network. NetBrain provides a unified control plane to view this infrastructure as well as automate the service tickets associated with it. Incidents can now be resolved in minutes rather than hours using our embedded automation technology which leverages the experience and expertise of every organization’s subject matter experts.

Distributed Network Intentions

Today’s distributed computing is delivered by hybrid infrastructures comprised of traditional, cloud, and software-defined technologies. NetBrain continuously monitors site-level connectivity performance information along each path to characterize throughput, latency, and jitter. And by understanding the design intents of distributed application designers, NetBrain can continuously verify that their intentions are being met. NetBrain’s Intent-Base Automation makes verification possible at scale so that distance-related problems are spotted before they severely impact the business.

Distributed Network Effectiveness

Centralized IT teams are responsible for globally distributed infrastructures which creates a new challenge: the availability of subject matter expertise (not necessarily the experts themselves) in each of the locations that form the digital infrastructure. These remote locations of users and their computing are part of an organization’s hybrid infrastructure and handle a multitude of service tickets to keep it all running. How well the available resources handle network management tasks, regardless of where they reside, defines overall network effectiveness.

Reusable Experience

When the performance of the remote network is degraded, access to critical business applications and devices is threatened. Using a combination of data, visualization, and automation, NetBrain builds a digital twin of the entire network, enabling remote management through a single pane of glass. And through our no-code technology, we enable all of your global subject matters experts to capture their knowledge and share it with any member of the operational staff, in any location.

Collaborate Across Remote Teams

NetBrain’s visual collaboration console enables the entire distributed operational team to work together in real-time, all but eliminating the time required for hand-offs and escalations. And using our no-code automation technology, the knowledge of your subject matter experts is captured and made available to any operational team member. This is a critical need when servicing dozens, hundreds, or thousands of remote branches or widely distributed sites.

Painlessly Expand Your Network

With NetBrain, the management of your distributed hybrid network will never be an obstacle to growth. Our patented auto-discovery of the entire global end-to-end network can be expanded at any scale using a single data model or digital twin. Using that digital twin, NetBrain creates the industry’s only real-time and continuously updated, end-to-end, all-technology visual management and automation console. Gone are the days where poor documentation or less than real-time performance data impacts remediation times or causes roadblocks when building out your infrastructure. Remote users appreciate the increase in responsiveness, and the ability for operational teams to manage their sites easily and effectively.