Campus and Branch Networks

Assuring "End" to "Remote End" Performance

Today, every business is a digital business and the network is its heartbeat. This is especially true in campus and branch networks, where the hybrid network is increasingly pivotal to offering products and services, and the quality of those network connections directly affects customer satisfaction and revenue goals.

So while the stakes have never been higher when bringing the branch and campus netyworks up to date with “Alway-On” connectivity throughout, there are many challenges in delivering the needed level of performance for these dispersed sites. Along with distance and geography, campus and branch network designers tend to deploy software-defined WAN technologies. Taken together, these design choices has created unprecedented levels of network management complexity. NetBrain solves all of that by providing a unified control view of your end-to-end network. Incidents can now be resolved in minute rather than hours usiong our executable runbook technology and the built-up library knowledge captured from your subject matter experts.

Highly Available Networking

In today’s omnichannel environment, customer and employee touchpoints are digital. And these points are delivered by complex hybrid infrastructure comprised of traditional cloud and software-defined technologies. NetBrain continuously monitors performance information along each path to characterize throughput, latency, and jitter. And by understanding the design intents of application designers, automation can be deployed manually or automatically to reduce the duration of any incident. NetBrain’s Intent-Base Automation understands these intents and monitors your infrastructure’s ability to deliver those intents, and if compliance issues arise, assist in the automated problem solving for each component involved.

Distributed Network Efficiency

Centralized IT teams are responsible for globally distributed organizations which creates a new challenge based on subject matter expertise and distance. These remote locations of users and their computing are part of an organization’s hybrid infrastructure and generate service tickets in many cases at a high rate. And when these hybrid networks have remote end-points typically being serviced through software-defined WAN solutions, the likelihood is that the specific skills required to remediate problems are far distant from the location of the problem. NetBrain Automation includes patented discovery digital twin technology, which extends all the way to every remote end-point. NetBrain then provides a visual management console that provides complete visibility and management of the entire network from one screen.


Troubleshooting in Minutes

When the performance of the remote network is degraded, access to critical business applications and devices is limited or non-existent. Using a combination of data, visualization, and automation, NetBrain builds a digital twin of the entire network and enables management through a single pane of glass. And through our no-code technology, we enable your subject matter experts to capture their knowledge and execute it on-demand or automatically. Putting this all together, incident management using NetBrain’s platform springs into action automatically to start solving problems before the operational teams even open the incident ticket. NetBrain identifies the vicinity of the problem, determines the most likely chain of events needed to resolve such problems, and executes all of the required diagnostic steps, ultimately sharing the results with the operational staff once the ticket is actively being worked.


Collaborate Across Teams and Sites

Every network is a hybrid network comprised of years of accumulated traditional network gear, as well as new additions consisting of software-defined and cloud-based connectivity. And through corporate restructuring, M&A activities, and the like, the numbers of infrastructure brands involved in servicing remote sites are staggering. NetBrain’s visual collaboration console enables all of the right people to work together in real-time, all but eliminating the time required for hands-off. And using our no-code automation technology, the knowledge contained in your subject matter experts is captured and made executable by any operational team member. This is a critical need when servicing hundreds or thousands of remote branches or widely distributed sites.


Painlessly Expand Your Network

With NetBrain, your hybrid network will never be an obstacle to growth. Our patented auto-discovery of the entire end-to-end network can be expanded at any scale using a single data model. Using that data model, NetBrain creates the industry’s only real-time and continuously updated, end-to-end, all-technology visual management console. Gone are the days where poor documentation or less than real-time performance data impacts remediation times or causes roadblocks when building out your infrastructure. NetBrain’s visibility, assurance, intent compliance, and change management capabilities ensure quicker remediation and more informed optimization.