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Automate Incident Response with NetBrain’s Free ServiceNow App

During the presentation we outlined how NetBrain’s NEW ServiceNow app automatically enrichs every ServiceNow ticket with a Dynamic Map and Executable Runbook diagnosis embedded directly in the ticket.  How you can automatically map the crime scene for every incident ticket and even automate well-known problem diagnosis for continual MTTR improvement.

As you saw in the demos, NetBrain helps to:

  • NetBrain Automation integrates across all ServiceNow event processing stages for improved efficiency and reduced outage times
  • Instantly capture the crime scene of every network incident, enriching the ServiceNow ticket with an embedded Dynamic Map and Executable Runbook diagnosis.
  • Automate well-known problem diagnosis for continuous MTTR reduction over time
  • Collaborate more effectively than ever during incident response, sharing diagnoses and information in real time

Additional Resources

White Paper: Implementing an Automation Architecture to Reduce MTTR

Solution Brief: Automate Incident Response with NetBrain’s ServiceNow App

Please see below for a recording of the webcast.

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