Continually Assess Your Network Resiliency: A DORA Survival Guide

The ratification of Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) creates an urgent need to comply with its service delivery performance requirements within the next year. NetBrain and our continuous network assessment platform are the simplest ways to do so, as it proactively looks for problems before they affect production.  

NetBrain Next-Gen enables continuous network compliance with DORA, NIS2, and ISO 27001 recommendations and regulations. 


  1. Gain an overview of the Digital Operational Resilience Act
  2. Identify the key opportunities to align Network Operations with DORA
  3. Explore examples for increasing resilience, assuring failover, and protecting service delivery
  4. Explore effective techniques and strategies for optimizing network compliance:
    • Continuous network assessment of network health, design and security compliance 
    • Capacity, performance and change management 
    • Deep, application-aware network visibility 
    • Integration with incident management systems
  1. A live demonstration of NetBrain Next-Gen showcasing continuous compliance assessments of network security, fault tolerance, and resilience.

It is time to build DORA compliance into your network operations plan.  It is time for NetBrain.