Humans Shouldn’t Document Enterprise Networks

Automate Network Documentation Once and For All

Documenting complex networks by hand is impossible

The modern enterprise network simply has too many moving parts, too many intricate interrelationships, too many technologies — with everything changing too fast — for humans to document it by themselves. A smart documentation system is the answer.

With NetBrain automation, you can:

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How NetBrain Captures and Maintains your Network Documentation



  • Documentation is a manual effort that requires too much time to complete.
  • The constant change of the new network paradigm makes keeping it up-to-date an impossible task.
  • Capturing tribal knowledge is entirely a manual process and inconsistently done across the team.
  • Troubleshooting procedures are documented separately from network information, pairing both together to accelerate a task is not possible.


  • NetBrain discovers your network and creates a digital twin — automatically documenting topology, configuration, design data and more.
  • Automatic updates keep your documentation ready and up-to-date.
  • Capture your experts’ tribal knowledge at they solve the tough issues, no extra time required.
  • Capture network information and procedures together in the same Dynamic Map, with contextual information for troubleshooting, audits/compliance, etc.

“90% of the network documentation available to me is wrong. With NetBrain, I can build everything in 1% of the time it takes me to do it by hand.”

— Network Engineer in the Financial Services Industry