NetBrain and Cisco ACI: Better Together

Manage Your ACI and Non-ACI Network As One

Transitioning to Cisco ACI is more an evolution than revolution. If you’re like virtually every other network team, your Cisco ACI fabric coexists alongside your legacy traditional network of switches, routers, and firewalls. To manage everything most effectively, you need a “single pane of glass” view across your ACI data center and the rest of your enterprise network.

That’s where NetBrain and Cisco have teamed up. With NetBrain for Cisco ACI, you finally get a holistic view across your hybrid environment so you can improve end-to-end visibility and achieve greater agility for day-2 operations like troubleshooting.

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Get a quick overview of how NetBrain enables you to visualize, troubleshoot, and manage ACI and non-ACI network in a consistent manner.

Why NetBrain and Cisco Are Better Together

Automatically document your entire hybrid network

In a hybrid environment, the Cisco APIC controller has all the information you need about the ACI fabric and exposes it via a comprehensive set of APIs.

By integrating with APIC’s RESTful APIs to discover everything about the ACI fabric, and issuing automated CLI commands to collect and analyze data from non-ACI devices, NetBrain builds a “digital twin” of your entire network — with topology, design configuration and performance details, even data from other NMS (Splunk, ServiceNow, 24×7 monitoring, etc.).

Automatically discover and document your entire hybrid network

Visualize your hybrid network end to end in seconds

Visualize your heterogeneous network end to end

Dynamic Maps are the visual output of NetBrain’s deep, intelligent discovery engine.

They’re the “user interface” that gives you end-to-end visibility into how all your devices — routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers — are logically and physically connected. You get the full picture of your entire network in one, centralized view.

Map traffic paths across both the ACI fabric and traditional network

Most of your traffic flows across both the ACI fabric and non-ACI infrastructure. NetBrain automatically maps and visualizes A-B paths from the traditional network through ACI — just enter the source and destination addresses and NetBrain does the rest. You can even calculate both historical and live paths for easy comparison during troubleshooting.

Map application traffic paths across both the ACI fabric and traditional network

decode application dependencies on the ACI fabric

Automatically visualize the application footprint on your ACI fabric

You’ll have dozens — maybe even hundreds — of applications running on top of the same underlay infrastructure. When you detect a problem with one of those applications, the layers of abstraction can make it difficult to identify which network components deliver the app.

NetBrain automatically generates Dynamic Maps that decode and visualize at a glance the entire application footprint and its interconnections among underlay devices and applications.

Access virtually any network data with just a click

Dynamic Maps are loaded with virtually infinite detail from multiple sources.

NetBrain automatically organizes this wealth of information into contextualized Data Views that you dynamically toggle on or off to examine both the ACI and non-ACI network from different perspectives.

Visualize BGP or EIGRP or multicast design data, device inventory information, ServiceNow incidents, 24×7 monitoring performance data, even ACI network design.

Access virtually any network data with just one click