SDN Management

Demystify Your SDN Infrastructure

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions radically streamline data center deployments and application delivery. As teams begin to manage these new hybrid environments, they are challenged to troubleshoot and secure them alongside their legacy infrastructure.

NetBrain helps you manage your SDN infrastructure just like the rest of your network, from a single console. With Dynamic Maps you can visualize the SDN fabric and its interconnections to the external network. NetBrain’s automation solution helps teams codify SDN knowledge and operationalize workflows across the hybrid infrastructure.

“I have never seen anything pulled together in a single pane like with NetBrain. It is perfect for getting the guys who didn’t build the network as close to the information as the guys who designed it.”

– Network Engineer in the Media Industry


See an overview of how NetBrain manages Cisco ACI environments

NetBrain supports several SDN solutions including Cisco ACI. NetBrain’s solution for Cisco ACI provides mapping and automation across hybrid environments to aid enterprises in their transition to an application-centric infrastructure.

Take a deeper dive and ask questions

Want to see the power of using NetBrain to visualize and manage your SDN network? Drop in on one of our live SDN Management Demos. Engineer-to-engineer tech talk. Lots of Q&A.

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Recorded demo: NetBrain and SDN management