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Let’s Talk About Tech! Join NetBrain for NewCo

by Barbara.Froemmel Mar 31, 2017

Imagine you could get a special invitation to tour Google’s Headquarters. Larry Page and Sergey Brin would personally take you around campus, show you the self-driving car prototypes (and maybe let you in for a quick spin) and introduce you to top Google talent before sitting you down with a beer in order to tell you about their journey and answer all the questions you can think of.

Well, this is actually happening. Between April 4 and April 6 2017 hundreds of Boston companies would open their doors for you, and  NetBrain will be one of them! This year, we’ve teamed up with MassTLC to host NewCo on April 5 at 10:30am. 

New co Boston 3

In case you’re wondering what NewCo is all about, it is a global organization that celebrates innovation in all its shapes and forms. The annual festival that’s taking place next week is coming to Boston for the second year in a row after the demand for tickets skyrocketed in 2016. By opening their doors to community members, participating companies can share their stories with a greater audience, provide a glimpse of their culture to potential new talent, build relationships with other key players, and show their support for the vibrant Boston tech ecosystem.

This is why we’ve decided to join the movement and welcome you to our office for a morning coffee and some light snacks. You will hear from key members of our team, such as our SVPs of Marketing and Sales, and one of our Superstar Sales Engineers, who will give you the ins and outs of building and scaling a tech company. We’ll take you on a journey through the last eight years to show you how our Founder and CEO built a market where none existed, how we got veteran tech leaders to join the team, and why our people love working here.

Join us on April 5 at 10:30am. Fun is guaranteed.