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Introducing the NetBrain Map Gallery

Jan 23, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to our website – the NetBrain Map Gallery – a screenshot tour of the NetBrain platform.

A Dynamic Map is so much more than a static network diagram. With NetBrain, it’s where every network task starts and ends. Head on over to see what your various workflows would look like if you were using Dynamic Network Maps.

Our online showroom illustrates dozens of real maps for real tasks, pulled from our simulated lab environment. Here’s a small taste of what you will find there:

Change management
Use NetBrain to benchmark device configuration before and after a major IT initiative, such as a network refresh or data center migration, to quickly assess changes, and rollback, if necessary.


ASA ACL Detail

Validate access restrictions by drilling into interface ACLs directly from NetBrain’s Dynamic Maps.


IPv6 Routing Protocols

Inspect dynamic routing configured on your IPv6 network without typing a single CLI command. NetBrain automatically decodes configuration files and CLI data to visualizes design attributes on a color-coded Dynamic Map.


Check out the Map Gallery to see dozens more Dynamic Maps that help visualize advanced network technologies and automate your key projects.