Dynamic Network Maps

The first intelligent interface for network automation

Every Network Task Should Start on a Map

A Dynamic Map is worth a thousand CLI commands. After all, humans work better visually. With NetBrain, you visualize CLI data and information from all your other existing network tools in one place. No more logging in to devices one by one, jumping from screen to screen, to get the full picture.

Many network tasks start with a question . . . find answers faster with a Dynamic Map.

  • Is there a bottleneck on the critical path?
  • Is QoS configured properly for VoIP traffic?
  • Is a firewall filtering the web traffic?
  • Are there open tickets in the Boston data center?
  • What is the multicast tree like for our video traffic?


“Chasing the data across multiple screens took forever, just to understand the problem. With NetBrain, I can map it in seconds. It’s a huge time savings.”

– Network Engineer Lead in the Healthcare Industry



Finally, a True Single Pane of Glass for All Network Data

Integrate and visualize information from virtually any of your existing tools right on a Dynamic Map.




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