Live Training

Learn how to use NetBrain

Learn how to use NetBrain with our free training sessions that you can attend at your desk. Each training class features a live instructor and most offer a lab environment with interactive exercises.

  • 100 Series Classes: Introduction to NetBrain’s platform. NB100 – Getting Started with Using NetBrain is the first class all users should take, followed by NB110 – NetBrain Setup and Maintenance.
  • 200 Series Class: Learn functional building blocks that will enable you to customize NetBrain for your organization’s daily workflow needs. Focus on advanced topics that cover integrating the NetBrain platform with your network’s technologies, tools, and processes.


Learn to manage the NetBrain software infrastructure.

Power User 2

Learn to create advanced automation procedures and workflows with NetBrain.

Power User 1

Learn to parse data then visualize, and recommend actions for specific technologies.

Before You Attend a NetBrain Training Class

Make sure that you attend the NB100 – NetBrain Essentials class first before signing up for additional courses. After you have taken the NB100 course then you can select additional courses above based on your role: End User, Administrator, or Power User.