Join NetBrain at ONUG Fall 2021

NetBrain believes the future of Enterprise Computing will hinge heavily on the adoption of cloud and no-code solution development. At ONUG 2021, we will be sharing our growing capabilities in these areas.
Join NetBrain at ONUG Fall 2021, where enterprise architects and thought leaders will gather to discuss enterprise networking innovations, focusing on Cloud 2.0 and the future of Enterprise Computing.

Session 1

Blurring Boundaries in IT Operations – What Does It Mean For The Network?

Wednesday, October 20 at 3:15PM ET. Digital transformation has brought about unprecedented levels of convergence throughout IT. This has led to new demands on network operations professionals, as the lines between ITOps, NetOps, and CloudOps intersect in new and sometimes confusing ways.

Join our “fireside chat” for an open discussion of how innovations in network visualization, automation, and collaboration enable network teams to move beyond keeping the lights on and onto delivering value through the network.

Session 2

No-Code Network Automation for Future-Oriented Hybrid Networks.

Thursday, October 21 at 12:20 pm ET.  Today’s businesses rely on complex digital infrastructures to deliver IT business services. And while deployed networking technologies have changed dramatically, the operational policies, processes and tools have not kept up.

Learn how NetBrain has changed all of that. By creating a comprehensive digital twin of the entire network, NetBrain enables cross-functional teams to implement automation to remediate problems quickly and to continuously ensure that the performance design intent is maintained, without ever requiring a single line of code.

In this proof-of-concept, NetBrain will demonstrate how to bring no-code automation into a hybrid network infrastructure that includes public cloud for more efficient operations and faster response to network tasks and tickets.