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An Experienced NetBrain User Shares His Perspective on NetBrain 7.0

by Barbara.Froemmel Aug 18, 2017

Who better to talk about the value of NetBrain solutions than our own valued customers? During Cisco Live, I was fortunate enough to speak with several NetBrain users about key trends in the industry, how they are using NetBrain and their initial thoughts on Integrated Edition 7.0. These conversations are being made available through this blog and interview series.

As part of our customer series at Cisco Live, we spoke with Steve DiNenna, network architect for a major food service company. Having used NetBrain since 2008, Steve offered several interesting observations about how NetBrain provides network engineers with enhanced capability to operate more efficiently, specifically when it comes to problem identification and troubleshooting. Today, Steve admits his company has become incredibly dependent on the product, as it keeps the entire network on one single map. “Literally everything is just a click away,” he said.

As a seasoned NetBrain user, Steve explained how IT management should look at NetBrain as an investment. First and foremost, NetBrain offers a huge time-savings benefit, as it alleviates a lot of the workload on the network engineer. In fact, Steve cited the use of NetBrain saving an average of five to ten hours of network troubleshooting time each week.

Specifically, he cited the capability to develop an asset list in just minutes using automated network mapping, in comparison to the weeks it could take to manually map out every device in a large network. Steve said it’s really quite simple to justify an ROI on NetBrain by simply looking at time savings, but also pointed out that an increased network defense is an added advantage, as it provides engineers with the ability to produce data quickly.

Check out my entire conversation with Steve here to find out more about these topics and how professionals like Steve are harnessing the power of NetBrain to make network management more successful:

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