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Advancing NetOps in Pharmaceutical

by Barbara.Froemmel May 24, 2017

Network management and operations in the pharmaceutical industry become increasingly difficult as more and more network management tools are introduced. That’s because, for decades, network management has been handled as a one-off bespoke and brute force function… each engineer solves problems individually and uniquely, and they focus on the health of the devices, not the delivery of services.

For Scott, a Network Engineer Lead at a large pharmaceutical company in the Midwest, making the transition to NetBrain allows him to take an entirely different and more streamlined approach to keep his organization running. The difference is he can now leverage his previous experience and that of his SME peers, based on a real-time view of the network, and one focused on delivering and verifying IT services rather than more primitive device health. With NetBrain, he now has the ability to capture and execute previous experience and use it at scale across his entire infrastructure.

And good thing he adopted NetBrain. Scott’s team manages a network of more than 5,000 routers and 10,000 access points, and network engineers within his organization now leverage NetBrain for everything from network troubleshooting and scaling knowledge and collaboration to preventing problems before they impact the business.

From our discussions with Scott, here are the four critical areas where NetBrain has helped make life easier for him and his team but more importantly enabled his organization to dramatically reduce overhead costs in NetOps and reduce the business risk for his digital-centric company: