Automating NetOps for VMWare ESXi Networks

VMWare ESXi network virtualization provides tremendous flexibility and efficiency for server management. But for network engineering teams, ESXi presents operational challenges. Virtual networking and traditional networking overlap in enterprise networks but are often managed by different teams – one team handling the traditional network switches, routers, and firewalls, and another team handling ESXi and its virtual, software network switches.

When there is a problem with application performance or connectivity, the challenge lies in determining if it’s the network or if it’s the server. Troubleshooting is further complicated by ESXi virtualization, requiring NetOps engineers to diagnose the virtualized infrastructure in addition to the traditional network, making an already manual process more complex and time-consuming. This meshing of traditional and virtual networks creates a large gap between when an incident is discovered and reported and how soon the issue is diagnosed and resolved.

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