Today’s complex networks aren’t static. Your network maps shouldn’t be either. Dynamic Maps are the mathematical rendering of the live Digital Twin model of the entire network – from the public cloud all the way down to the network edge – in real-time or at any point in time. Operations teams can visualize, navigate, investigate, and troubleshoot network issues right on a map.

Data-Driven Network Modeling

Mathematically calculated visual renderings of the multi-layer Digital Twin for hybrid-cloud multi-vendor networks.

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Map Hybrid Networks

Visualize L2, L3, overlay, and underlay topology while dynamically extending neighbor connections on the map. Map your end-to-end network from the edge to the cloud, including everything in between, SDN (ACI and NSX) and SD-WAN networks.

3rd-Party Integrations

Integrate with your existing ITSM, NPM, SIEM, and ITOM tools via APIs in a unified map data view to achieve end-to-end network management and dynamic maps enriched with contextual data.


Save any Dynamic Map and export it directly to Microsoft Word or Visio with all relevant design and inventory and diagnostic data, configuration files, and routing tables.

Apply No-Code Automation to Map & Visibility

Dynamic Map forms the basis of the Next-Gen no-code automation platform as it leverages its auto-discovery as well as all of the data available from multiple IT configuration and monitoring tools in order to improve workflows and communications throughout an organization. Unify performance, security, condition, and state data silos into a single view and map and analyze network data from any source.

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Diagnose Problems Faster

View and manage all saved application paths in one place and quickly identify hotspots by diagnosing entire network segments at once. Visually troubleshoot and correlate network issues and diagnose transient problems on maps.

Go Beyond Observability

Go beyond mainstream observability tools in the market with intent-based real-time visibility, monitoring, no-code troubleshooting, and preventive automation. Observe the security hardening of your attack surface to ensure it remains protected.

Visualize Diagnostic Data

Data View Templates overlay 3rd-party system data and Intent Data Views overlay diagnostics right on a map for a complete understanding of the situation in real-time.

Dynamically Map End-to-End Application Paths

Application and service-performance awareness offers traffic flow visibility with color-coded diagnostic and design intents, providing a visual representation of network conditions for running services and apps on a map. 

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Automatic Path Calculation

Automatically calculates the path based on live, baseline, or historical data by considering the topology dependencies of outbound interfaces at each hop and calculates these path types: L2, L3, IPsec VPN, VPLS, OTV, and VXLAN.

Path Logic

Evaluate traffic forwarding characteristics across routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers, visually emulating packet forwarding by analyzing route tables and inspecting traffic control technologies like PBR, NAT, ACLs, and firewall policies across traditional and cloud technologies.

Across the Hybrid-Cloud

Map application paths across traditional, hybrid-cloud, and across multi-cloud environments by simply entering two endpoints (via IP or hostname) for unparalleled visibility.

View Golden Paths

Compare live application paths to a ‘golden path‘ to automatically detect deviations. Utilize historical A-B path references for calculating the ‘normal’ network path, like for a specific application.

“IT managers can now get topology maps of their network sites without putting in a request to NetOps.”

VP of Digital Network Operations
US-based multi-national conglomerate

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