The Industry’s Only No-Code Network Automation Platform

In the Spring of 2023, Cisco announced the end-of-life of their PRIME network automation solution. Its primary use was a Day-0 and Day-1 provisioning tool for certain Cisco-branded product lines limiting its scope and scale. With Cisco DNA Center as its replacement, it’s a great time to explore other platforms that add network automation for multi-vendor networks.

Consider a no-code approach to network management and automation, one that encompasses all vendors, and all technologies, and one that automates NetOps over the lifespan of the entire network. One that auto-discovers everything you already have (edge to cloud), and provides a contextual path-based digital twin and API integration with all of your network tools. A better choice is a solution that transforms troubleshooting, change management, and outage prevention workflows.

NetBrain Next-Gen Delivers Superior Value Compared to Cisco Prime and its Successors

Cisco Prime and DNA Center NetBrain Next-Gen
Network Controller
Network Deployment
Visibility Limited Dynamic, with data & Intents
Network Discovery Limited Any device with network interface
Network Maps Wireless heat maps Dynamic network maps
Dashboards Network dashboards Customizable reports and dashboards
Data Analytics Limited to controlled devices Intents & Traffic
Network Security Zero-trust access implementation Security assessments and enforcement
3rd-Party Integrations Limited Universal Device Drivers
Multi-vendor Support Very limited All Major Suppliers
No-Code Automation WYSIWYG
Intent-Based Automation Any Scale
Day-2 Automation Managing intents
Preventive Automation Intent verification
Automated Diagnosis Reusable Knowledge
Change Management Protected
Cloud Support All Major Providers
Application Assurance Continuous verification

Make the Switch to NetBrain Next-Gen

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Multi-Vendor Support

NetBrain supports every device, every vendor. Period. Manage your entire hybrid-cloud connected network.

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Network Auto-Discovery

Auto-discover the entire network using patented neighbor discovery technology, from public cloud to remote edge.

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Visibility & Mapping

Dynamically view, map, and document any part of the hybrid network in seconds and network logical topologies, design pathways, baseline configurations, and changes made over time.

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Change Management

Protect Change Management with pre- and post-change validations, automated change approvals, and critical application performance and configuration insurance. Eliminate unintended consequences of change.

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Go beyond dashboard and telemetry with event-driven automation to proactively detect issues, automate repetitive tasks, facilitate collaboration and self-service, and reduce escalations.

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Even Cisco DNA Center is just one piece in a larger automation solution and relies heavily on DevOps and coding. NetBrain Next-Gen is not a central controller but a robust automation platform that removes the limitations of traditional code-based approaches.

Everything you Need to Automate Today’s Complex Networks

NetBrain Next-Gen, as Cisco Prime replacement, is the industry’s most comprehensive no-code network automation platform that addresses your entire network from edge to cloud. It makes it simple to auto-discover and automate any multi-vendor network infrastructure including Traditional, Firewalls, SDN, SD-WAN, and all of the public cloud infrastructures… everything you already have (not just Cisco)!

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See Automation at Work: NetBrain Dashboards

Answer any question with thousands of automation results summarized in a single screen in a unified dashboard. Deep dive into specific configuration drifts, including recent changes, and assess security over time and by site.

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One-Third of the Fortune 500

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